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Am I Buying Bitcoin/Litecoin or Alts? | Bitcoin Bottom Explored | Trading

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I discuss Bitcoin, Litecoin and my portfolio, trading as well as exploring more evidence supporting Bitcoins bottom is in.

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28 thoughts on “Am I Buying Bitcoin/Litecoin or Alts? | Bitcoin Bottom Explored | Trading

  1. This question goes to Tyler and other followers of this great channel, If you can help me out to clear my mind I will be very thankful. The question is: Suppose you only have 220 litecoins and zero bitcoin, at the prices of this day 220 ltc are 2 btc approximately, will you split in half your litecoin capital to get 1 bitcoin and 110 ltc +/-? That will be the wiser way to prepare your investment for the upcoming bull run in the market?

  2. Yo Tyler wassup I'm still keeping a strong hand bro 💪 LTC and DGB all the way with a little dabb of BTC and sprinkle some Dash in there that's like cooking up a recipe for all kinds of gains ALL KINDS… 😂😂🤣🤣

  3. I have been buying in more of my fav coins but holding breaks on some left i have to put in because more downward movement is so possible in the short term. Markets can be mean lol. Don't think we will see less than a 3.5 k bitcoin though. Thats just too cheap. Ie sentiment isn't that bad.

  4. Vertbase launches tomorrow september 1st for many. It will be open to the general public very soon, but they are going to fold in more and more users to make sure it is a smooth launch with no hiccups. USD/VTC pairing. Perfect time to jump into Vertcoin especially with the price. Is it possible to make a quick mention of this tomorrow? This is a big deal among the VTC community. I’m not sure if you’re still holding or bullish on it. But big news either way as it is one of few USD gateways into crypto that isn’t Coinbase. Hope all is well! Congrats on the Patreon and Music blog. Always giving your music an active listen while watching your videos.

  5. im pretty sure your cost average for ltc is very low anyway…its the guys with the average 250 plus that feel the stress…guys with $100 or less have nothing to worry about… i believe in 3 to 7 months ltc family will be very happy..i think it may even happen much sooner,but for sure in 7 months this will have played out and ltc will be leading the way…

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