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Another RIPPLE effect ep2; XRP to $589 – why it doesn’t MATTER – Welcome to 2nd Place

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As we watch the price fluctuate within the entire cryptocurrency and the traditional investment markets, try to understand we will not be pricing in dollar Forever it’s time to correct your calculators. Fiat will end the United States dollar cannot remain a top-tier currency forever unfortunately, but who is next? Euro Sheckel or Venezuelan dollar?

13 thoughts on “Another RIPPLE effect ep2; XRP to $589 – why it doesn’t MATTER – Welcome to 2nd Place

  1. The only issue with your argument is that once the novelty of blockchain wears off and other crypto currencies come out there can be an unlimited supply of cyrptos, which will cause dilution. What stops other developers making xrp gold, xrp sapphire, xrp plastic, xrp silver, xrp bronze and so on? In essence you can have an unlimited supply of crypto currencies.

  2. well in a year the dollar is still going to be here… when many of us are 80% down from 12 months ago…it matters..i want xrp to be worth a couple of bucks within a year…not cashing out..but just want to get to my even point again..

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