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ATTENTION: Litecoin Is Heading Back Up! Did You Get In On This Rally? (Binance Coin Analysis)

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21 thoughts on “ATTENTION: Litecoin Is Heading Back Up! Did You Get In On This Rally? (Binance Coin Analysis)

  1. I wouldnt show us any trades, it'll come back to bite you. What your doing is fine. If anything, put some buy lines on your charts (change color), that way if it hits we know you likely bought. Most of us are on the same page anyway with when we pull the trigger. Keep it up !

  2. Still time for another drive higher in the Łitecoin price as the August 2019 block reward having approaches.

    2015 LTC halving saw a 5X increase which helped pumped the Bitcoin price and today the Łitecoin profile is a lot more significant.

  3. Thank you for the technical analysis, it's helping me out quite a bit! Did you ever end up buying into DOGECOIN? You mentioned that you were probably going to when it hit that last bottom of that triangle before the last pattern jump…

  4. 71$ buy in. Got 10 coins. You better be right or that’s your ass!

    Haha just playing. I do enjoy the content. Keep it up! Thinking about joining your patreon.

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