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Bearableguy123 Get your ducks in order … BIG BG123

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Bearableguy 123 Sent me a pic and some links …

Ripple: 5 More Banks & Fintechs Will Use XRP Cryptocurrency

KFH goes live on RippleNet
for money transfer service

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10 thoughts on “Bearableguy123 Get your ducks in order … BIG BG123

  1. $:()&@;##🤬🤬🤬 damn banks. So I’m holding money for a minor in my family. Account has been sitting with no activity for 2 years. I go in today to do some business in my other account and they told me that account that has been sitting there is in an inactive status. And if I don’t put a dollar in or make some type of movement that in five years the money goes to the state. What kind of BS is that? The lady got an earful from me. And I told her don’t worry crypto currency’s going to take over anyway. Unbelievable!!!! Then she says it’s to protect the customers. I looked at her and said how does that protect me? You stealing my money? XRP baby!!!!!!

  2. I only own 300 xrp ,unemployment is high in my country S Africa but i am very happy ,i wish i could afford to get more ,thank you for the encorougement CKJ you inspire me man,i am happy ,here is my twitter acc @CliffordMakwela

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