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Bitcoin Cash War | Hash Rate War | Roger Ver vs Craig Wright | Bitcoin ABC vs Bitcoin SV | ABC Won!

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4 thoughts on “Bitcoin Cash War | Hash Rate War | Roger Ver vs Craig Wright | Bitcoin ABC vs Bitcoin SV | ABC Won!

  1. August 1st, 2017, Bitcoin Cash originated from Bitcoin original blockchain through a process called Hard Fork and This was as a result of the attempt to manage the Bitcoin (BTC) scalability problem.

    This scalability problem had two sides which could be referred to as consensus. One part of the Bitcoin community led by Roger Ver (Bitcoin Jesus) was of the opinion that the block size of Bitcoin should be increased specifically they wanted to see that Bitcoin strive as a transaction currency, not as an investment asset.

    Roger Ver, Bitcoin community is holding to the anonymity transactions sited on the Satoshi Bitcoin White Paper. This led to a serious disagreement in the Blockchain community and the only option for Bitcoin Cash to be created was a Hard Fork.

    Every year the Bitcoin Cash community perform a schedule protocol upgrade. This upgrade happens twice a year with the latest Hard Fork scheduled for November 15 was disrupted by comparing proposal that was not compatible with the original roadmap on Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin White Paper.

    As a result, the Bitcoin Cash community was split into three (3) fractions between Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin SV

    The Bitcoin ABC represents the conservative wing of the Bitcoin Cash community. A wing led by Roger ver and other Leaders in the Bitcoin Cash community and having strong support from BitMan as well as major exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.

    The Bitcoin ABC wing aims to preserve Bitcoin Cash from Hetical Changes.

    This wing believes that the basic structure of Bitcoin Cash is sound and does not need any radical changes. Considering the priority of the original roadmap which leaves some room for the development of the network and minimizing transaction cost.

    Few days to the future Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork, August 16th, 2018 Bitcoin SV was founded. Bitcoin SV also is known as Bitcoin Satoshi Vision was founded by the Blockchain development community led by Craig Wright is also known as Fake Tasohi himself.

    The Bitcoin SV is not only strong supported by Craig Wright but also by major cryptocurrency news outlets like Coingreek and Bitcoin.Org.

    Bitcoin SV wing aims to resist the reform attempts on the original roadmap of Satoshi protocol by changing the current Bitcoin Cash structure. As this will specifically, override the entire network script of Bitcoin ABC and increase the Block size of BCH from 32 megabytes to maximum 128 megabytes of network scalability.

    The Bitcoin Unlimited wing has been neural in the disagreement and the Leaders of the Bitcoin Unlimited wings has proposed a comprise solution called Bitcoin Unlimited strategy for the Bitcoin Cash November Hard Fork.

    The Bitcoin Unlimited community propose to solve the dispute between Bitcoin ABC and BCH SV through a consensus agreement within miners. Empowering miners to vote will, therefore, lead to the Block with the longest chain of hash rate as the winner.


    Who is WINNING?
    The Bitcoin ABC conservative wing is winning.

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