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Bitcoin & Crypto Surprise- Ethereum Ravencoin & Litecoin (ARCANE BEAR)

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Today we do our daily surface dive to take a look at the Bitcoin charts and the prices for Ravencoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Choose the best information from the top cryptos as we dive in with www.arcanebear.com
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12 thoughts on “Bitcoin & Crypto Surprise- Ethereum Ravencoin & Litecoin (ARCANE BEAR)

  1. Always like your analysis. Still major entertainment companies like C&U Entertainment (K-POP promoters) and http://www.endeavorco.com/news/ (owners of UFC), and Glory Kickboxing League, are now partnered with the Łitecoin Foundation. Then there’s state authorisation in Venezuala of Łitecoin and Bitcoin remittances.

    With Łitecoin K-POP concert coming on 6th April followed by Summer 2019 ŁTC mining reward halving, then Bitcoin halving 2020, I’m still expecting a further uptrend. Still, its good to hear the opposite view, so let’s see what happens!

  2. But, isnt calling for 1k BTC 10 LTC, also being emotional? You wanna see lower prices so that you can buy in lower, and people who dont want to see lower prices dont want see there portfolio drop, it really goes both ways, i feel like bears dont want to admit that, claiming that there reality is the only one.

    But really, only time will tell at this point.

  3. There's only one tiny problem 🤔… When Exchange Stabilization Fund run out Countries to rob they can't rig the the Casino markets… and fiat runs into the jungle for value… up, down and wailing in the valley of sorrows😭…

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