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Bitcoin Drops $250 In Minutes, What’s Next? Ethereum 100% Centralized?

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17 thoughts on “Bitcoin Drops $250 In Minutes, What’s Next? Ethereum 100% Centralized?

  1. That's some tron fud … That executive was let go when Tron bought BitTorrent. How can you trust the words of an employee that was fired? He didn't leave he was fired. Tron is trying to do something great with BitTorrent… Something that will potentially take crypto to main stream adoption and you keep being negative towards them. Not cool.

  2. Dvir, if one consider to invest in BTC now its the time.
    It is impossible to predict if it will go 1800 or 2500.
    3500 are fair levels.
    The findamentals are that BTC is halving 2020, knowing that , production costs will go 6400$ , This will push BTC price to 6400 in the next few month.
    If it will drop 1800 its a meaningless fact.

  3. One more, we dont need to import anything other than oil that we will solve with solar energy soon – the global industries need the consuming power of Indian people not the other way around. Please come to India and experience our love and affection yourself

  4. Dear Crypto Sphere – India is not poor, we are savers, we dont live in debt. We will be third largest economy in the world in next 2 years , if you do some research you will find that the gold reserves held in few temples and private individuals in India is close to 170000 MT or 25% of gold ever mined. Indians are humble, we respect all people in the world, hospitality, care for family, largest democracy, largest english speaking, the ceo of google and microsoft studied in Indian school. We are slow, but will be ahead of all in IT. With due respect to you, I would like to clarify. Indians dont expect govt look after them with pension, we work hard, save and live happily with total freedom / free speech / fundamental right guaranteed by Indian constitution. Welcome to India, please come and enjoy our hospitality.

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