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‘Bitcoin Is The Answer’ After Paypal Bans; Litecoin @ UFC; Ripple: xRapid ‘Expanding’

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In Todays Video:
– Following Paypal banning users, ‘Bitcoin is the answer’ becomes clear.
– Litecoin was official sponsor of UFC…see what that means
– Ripple says the use of xRapid, the system that uses XRP is ‘expanding’. I discuss my thoughts and opinions on…

7 thoughts on “‘Bitcoin Is The Answer’ After Paypal Bans; Litecoin @ UFC; Ripple: xRapid ‘Expanding’

  1. Well I don't think they can announce every bank or company that's using XRapid due to a few reasons. Yes you are right, current regularoty uncertainty is one. Second is that big announcements is unwise during a bear market. This is true with most companies who wait for stock to turn upwards before they make certain announcements official. Third is that Ripple might have NDA's with certain companies and banks due to the reasons already covered. The lack of transparency is a bit off putting, but it's usually common practice among many institutions.

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