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Bitcoin News | Roger Ver Loves Lightning Network, Tone Vays Debate, Bitcoin Cash Football

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All the latest bitcoin news presented this week by Roger Ver, CEO of bitcoin.com and Alfonso Rocha, who is the lead developer of the Bitcoin.com wallet.

This episode discusses bitcoin and bitcoin cash wallets, what will come first lightning network or flying cars? Tone Vays and Chris Pacia debate at porcfest, bitcoin football and the lightning network and more exciting developments on Bitcoin Cash

Show Notes

►Centbee wallet beta launched

►Bitcoin Wallet devs are hard at work…

47 thoughts on “Bitcoin News | Roger Ver Loves Lightning Network, Tone Vays Debate, Bitcoin Cash Football

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    What did you think of today's show? Will the lightning network arrive before flying cars? 😂

    Anyone and everyone should play their part in spreading the adoption of cryptocurrencies and #BitcoinCash. So please share the video on Facebook and twitter.

    PS. We have some great vlog footage from Korea coming soon including a debate with a blockstream supporter. So stay tuned for that.

  2. If you want too decentralized the dark powers of this world again small people… use Bitcon cash.
    If you want free people financially in the future… Adopt the power force of Bitcoin cash.

  3. Here’s my input on the shit talkers of BCH and Roger. I see all the energy and effort being put into all the negativity. But what positives are you adding to the crypto eco system. Are you out there pushing and advancing a coin you believe in? Are you getting people to participate in an actual use of crypto? We have a lot of work to do to forward this thing we believe in and trashing someone else’s hard work and effort certainly isn’t helping our cause. Roger is out there everyday helping push us forward to get adoption to the space. So if you have all this spare energy how about helping. Or how about just sit down!

  4. Hi, Roger.. I try to mention your name in my Bitcoin educational presentation.. waiting on my 82,000 moneytokens… I teach in spanish to… U R the man Roger, thank you so much for U happen for the crypto industry…

  5. But gold standard became the store of value and the cash side silver caused both india and china who were the last to get off silver to lose alot of wealth, the banking system made the more expensive gold cash to the world. it just seems like the same system here… btc the gold standard and when 2nd layer is built, it will take over the cash monetary system

  6. Not that I've lost confidence completely in bitcoin core even though it's weakening, but my interest in bitcoin cash is growing a little more each time I watch these videos. Any chance of bitcoin cash implementing the lightning network which I guess would be the death knell for bitcoin core.

  7. 0:38 – Centbee wallet beta launched
    1:26 – Bitcoin Wallet devs are hard at work improving functionality and adding new features.
    2:18 – BitcoinCash Football – Fantasy Soccer league – https://bitcoincashfootball.com/ This is a game where you play against other real players. Using Bitcoin Cash as the in game currency, you buy/sell players with other clubs.
    3:10 – Bitcoin Cash got up to 30mb in mempool, but was cleared within 4 blocks.
    4:40 – BitcoinSubway – ttps://bitcoinsubway.cash/
    5:14 – Tone Vays says nobody should use the network until the experts in Bitcoin Core figure it out. Check out the Chris Pacia and Tone Vays debate at Porcfest.
    6:26 – There is only a 1% chance of successfully routing a $67 payment on the lightning network https://i.redd.it/twku0lwslz411.jpg
    8:02 – /r/Bitcoin Mod tried to hijack /r/BitcoinForks
    10:17 – Bitcoin Core fees are rising again – currently $6.90 per KB vs $0.001 per KB on Bitcoin Cash. Visit http://cashvscore.com/
    11:56 – Bitcoin Cash Fund started a Venezuela merchant onboarding bounty . bitcoincashers.org/bounty
    14:30 – Over 50 ongoing bitcoin cash meetups across the world.
    16:44 – New games added to cashgames.bitcoin.com
    17:50 – New mining contracts – pool.bitcoin.com

  8. Always love to see these videos… My love towards bitcoin cash is increasing day by day… Still regret that day when had to pay 15 $ in BTC to transfer 77$ worth of BTC.. from that day I have never purchased any BTC satoshi… BTC does not even deserves to called to be a decentralised currency… It's only for rich people… I want to raise more awareness about bitcoin cash and I think we Indians need BCH more than any part of world.. #BITCOINCASHMEETUPININDIA is coming soon….

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