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Bitcoin Price CRASHED! 2k BTC Imminent? What Now?? | Energi (NRG) Update | Ripple | Bitmain TROUBLE!

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Alright Altcoin Daily Team,

Let’s talk about a NEW Bitcoin ETF, PLUS Energi (NRG), Bitmain, the SEC! Watch the video.

Check out Energi’s Website and Twitter and Discord:


Altcoin Daily Energi (NRG) Deep Dive:

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Earndrops: https://earndrop.energi.world/homepage


47 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price CRASHED! 2k BTC Imminent? What Now?? | Energi (NRG) Update | Ripple | Bitmain TROUBLE!

  1. None of this matters. A 24-30 month steady rise in price will begin in May/june. When that ascension ends, BTC will be over $100k. Dont believe it? Get back to me at the end of 2021 and tell me if I was wrong

  2. Love the vids brother! Thanks for taking the time to manufacture these videos for us…I've been a long time viewer…1st time commentor on these. Keep up to good work…I like the fact that you ask ppl to like your videos if…and only if…we found value in the videos…I like most others always find value in your videos. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks mate. With unstable central banking, keys into our own possession much more important now?
    Nervous about a paper wallet. Seems so surreal, that you can use walletgenerator (offline with offline printer), to create a public and private keys for say, litecoin, and that you can send something to it from an exchange or app, to that public key, and some how this thing you printed out, now magically contains the money (coins) from the exchange or app you send It just seems, how on earth can it be that simple, and like it's more cartoon like! Is it that simple?

  4. Alright!  Great job.      Concerning NRG:  if coins aren't in circulation, then can you really give them a value?  Ripple/XRP does that as well, and the only reason why the market cap is so high is because Ripple has held back 60-70% (I forget exact amount) of pre-mined coins.

  5. It doesn't matter what the ETF looks like or differs from the rest,it will still not be allowed.If they allow an ETF,the price will explode and they will lose control.Anyone who thinks they will allow something with the potential to destroy their current system.is living in a fantasy.

  6. You lost me at " ripple announcement" do love your shows, do some research only coins starting 2019 that will be taxed or centralized litecoin will be on the lightning Network before Bitcoin, coins Lake Bitcoin litecoin and electracoin are community projects with no centralized CEO or office cannot be taxed by law in the near future.

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