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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis December 5 2018

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27 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis December 5 2018

  1. Mate, you do not need to explain yourself for two minutes in every video for not putting up more frequent content. It's free to watch your fantastic content. You owe nothing to nobody. Just keep them coming whenever you feel like it. Your analysis are gold.

  2. Hi, thank you for been such a kind person and caring about people…!
    I’m trying to learn options. Do you have any videos you’ve made on options?

  3. If it goes down from 3.500, why should it go back to 4K$. I don't think so. Many thougt it will go back to 5K and 6K…..but it just went down…..down….down. It didn't even go to 4,5K… I mean this is just falling at a higher rate than before. I'll start investing below 1k and just leave it for some years.

  4. Ive always wondered how old are you cuz honestly you sound young because you obviously know what you are talking about keep them coming, and pls let us know when is the bottom not financial advice lol thanks

  5. I bought at $4130. Should I sell at $3700 now and buy at $3000-2500? Do you think it will bounce back to $4000 range before going down or sticking to $3500?

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