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BUIDLers of Ethereum Devcon

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It’s Day 0 at Ethereum Developers Conference (Devcon)- the gathering of all the BUIDLers that want to push the boundaries of decentralization. I grab my camera and interview people attending the conference to see the Ethereum ecosystem is like. #Buidl #Ethereum #Devcon4
0:38 Catching people@Devcon entrance
1:51 A Bitcoin Cash Dev?!
3:18 A wild Vitalik appears!
4:04 Ran NeuNer (CNBC Africa)
13:08 Prof. David Lee (BlockAsset Ventures)

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22 thoughts on “BUIDLers of Ethereum Devcon

  1. I guess the hot Asian chick is there to discuss events and people, while Vitalik is there to discuss ideas.

    You know the saying, "Great Minds Discuss Ideas. Average Minds Discuss Events. Small Minds Discuss People." She definitely doesn't have a great mind at all. At least Boxmining discusses/talks about ideas half of the time.

  2. Hey Michael, when Ran said, "I'm sure you don't make money from your channel" and you said "not really" My guess is you felt 'put on the stop' so to speak, but I really hope your channel does have an income stream. I cannot see you not finding a way to monetize wth nearly 200k subscribers. Not from youtube of course, but from paid reviews, referral links etc. My guess is that would be more than enough to pay you a salary to keep the channel operating because it is indeed work even if a labour of love.

  3. Aliens created us! We dont' have to fight them all – we would loose anyways I think. better accept that there will always be the good and the bad. even after the world implements crypto, there will still be some sort of seperation. it will be just going out into space, us exploring solar systems and shit. and i will pay my spaceship with omisego.

  4. A lot of people keep asking so I just want to say the best place for buying/trading coins is Binance. Biggest exchange in terms of volume so your money is as safe as it can be (whilst on an exchange). Demand for accounts is very high and registrations can close at any time so if you are new to the space i would recommend locking down an account ASAP.

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