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Cardano (ADA) – The Next Coin To Breakout?

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Cardano ADA — Could this could be the next cryptocurrency to “Breakout?”


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12 thoughts on “Cardano (ADA) – The Next Coin To Breakout?

  1. Man this is crazy and scary at the same time how the media and general public are ahead of Crypto technology and what currently can offer, I am a believer but this is absolutely insane.

  2. Wow awesome ada has just come out and mooned to well over a buck. Not true it’s been out for years and say at almost nothing. It’s being developed to be a stable coin. Look at the volumetric trading and you can see it’s going to tank more yet. Lots more.

  3. For the average person (watch Charles Hoskinson's white board video, 45 minutes of very useful info), the Cardano Project isn't to make the Cardano ADA coin valuable, at least in the beginning. Charles, kindly, took the time to explain the Project and the relative value of the coin vs. demand. In short, the coin is merely a lubricant to the whole system…people will need it to properly use the Cardano Platform…meaning (using Ripple as an example, currently around $.50 USD) that when the last stages of the Platform are rolled out, if you have ADA people will need it. Once upon a time, you could buy 40 Bitcoins for a dollar, not it's ancient technology. Fully operational, ADA moves at the same rate as say a Visa transaction, with the same volume per second. Foolishly, I made a good bit swing trading Cardano ADA. Now, I will watch the whole Platform rolled out before I touch my holdings again. For comparison, what I did was buy Bitcoin for $1 and sold it for $2 USD. It would have been far better to have waited till it touched the $20 k mark…I learned patience in a market that is too young to see significant trends. Be careful friends!

  4. My prediction
    i see ADA in the end 2018 year – 1,5$.
    in the end 2019 year – 5$
    end 2020 year – 7-8$
    i'm realist but we all like to dream 🙂 and maybe we look best price every year. Better and better
    In last year i bought ETH at a price 12$…and what we see in the end 2017year????yes! amazing price! 1400$!!! maybe we can see amazing price to ADA in the end 2018 year )

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