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Cardano (ADA) Will Be Coin Of The Year 2018! Something BIG Coming For $ADA

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In this Episode of Crypto Clout our friend Faze Cryto talks about Cardano ADA and we reflect on when Charles Hoskinson said Cardano is going to overtake Ethereum within the year. Cardano (ADA) is in my opinion one of the most interesting Cryptocurrencies in the game next to Bitcoin $BTC so in this video we talk about all Cryptocurrencies and we define if Cardano ADA could be coin of…

35 thoughts on “Cardano (ADA) Will Be Coin Of The Year 2018! Something BIG Coming For $ADA

  1. Please plan your video content. There was no valid information. I think Ada is cutting edge and buy some every month, but if I know nothing about Ada and saw this video, I don’t think I would bother looking into it. You seem desperate for your viewers to buy.
    Ada will sell on merit, given time.

  2. Great video, I’m new I crypto so great to learn from each video! Start to buy Ada for long distance, good luck for everyone who believe in cards no!
    BTC wallet ( just in case🎁):

  3. Cardano has so many interesting elements that make it so unique YET you fumble and are totally unable to even elaborate on a single one of them!! The smart contract layer, tho important, isn't as revolutionary as other layers they are trying to put in place in order to solve bigger problems.

    Stop babbling about price and actually spend time researching the project you talk about man, you sound like a clown.

  4. Want to win 3 BTCs (dont own any) as the average guy from developing world that decentralisation will empower and also as someone who ended up here as an ADA fan for its peer reviewing protocol I thinks is a cool ideia to review comments to pick a winner so… 1BqwPbrEhyHZbiW2k8P9naRcEZ1x7uB1Av

  5. Cardano is promising. One of the first alt coins I bought.

    Don't know how the BTC give-away works, however I'm putting myself out there as the prize could help me and my family's situation out a lot.


    Thank you

  6. As of today I accumulated more than 5000 Ada, with all the brains behind Cardano
    I believe that all of them can't be wrong, but check them out as you must
    Educate yourself before putting your faith in Cardano.
    I am in for the long haul; 1HJ24bSq6TbmW9dhYaHEsxRakNuwHaS75q

  7. Thanks, my Bitcoin adress is:

    Might I win some I´ll be using it to buy a present for my wife´s birthday upcoming in a couple of weeks ;).
    Greetings from Buenos Aires

  8. well.. after watch ur video im pretty sure to strong hand holding my cardano.. for better future for us.. let me be your winner so i can buy more cardano and pay my son college.. god bless u <3

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  10. I have 20001 ADA coins, everytime i get paid i buy more and now when there's huge discounts, i hope to purchase more!
    Good video, thank you brother! 1L3rCpRDDRTWPXYExyL5QsmwD9ktcUJiSJ

  11. Just my Opinion , Trust me Cardano will go down at to 0.02cent per unit, because taking so long to break back up, a lot of traders change they mind seeking aggressive coins to recover losses before. that why i said change your coin to aggressive coin… cardano possible will be wake up until lot of cardano project done 2020. no trader will keep this coin.. trust me…

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    I'd like to win the Bitcoin because I would not spend it. Put it in a cold wallet that is in actual gold Bitcoin form. Also, I'd be forever loyal and promote/spread your channel until youtube gets passed up for a decentralized version

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