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Cardano Technical Recruiting with David Rountree – Episode 13

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8 thoughts on “Cardano Technical Recruiting with David Rountree – Episode 13

  1. 0:14 Intro
    3:56 Tell us about yourself
    4:23 What does a technical recruiter do?
    5:03 Do you specialize in technical recruiting for IELE, Plutus, Marlowe or KEVM?
    5:43 What is your recruiting strategy?
    6:27 How do you stay competitive in the recruiting process?
    7:12 What kind of qualifications should a person have to get hired?
    7:53 What's a day in the life of David Rountree?
    9:08 What's the success rate when you hire?
    10:25 Do you travel a lot?
    10:44 What can applicants do to stand out?
    12:37 Do software engineers who work at IOHK have creative control of where their projects?
    13:45 How did you get involved with Cardano?
    14:49 Did you meet Charles?
    15:22 What does success mean for you?
    15:47 Do you ever go to universities to recruit entry-level programmers?
    16:56 Is it difficult for IOHK to fill all of its positions on the iohk.io/careers portal?
    18:03 IOHK is spread across the planet, where do you need programmers the most?
    19:32 What is Cardano's timescale?
    22:16 Do you ever do non technical recruiting?
    24:05 Do you have any advice for non software engineers who would like to work at IOHK?
    27:34 Are you seeing an influx of applicants coming from other crypto projects?
    29:07 Do you communicate with the technical recruiters at Emurgo?
    30:37 What are your biggest challenges?
    31:40 Are you recruiting in the unbanked regions of the world?
    33:32 Where do you get the most successful applicants?
    34:28 Do you ever have to use a head hunter?
    35:07 When Cardano moon?
    37:22 Is IOHK funded?
    39:39 How long does it take to train a developer to train a developer to develop on Cardano? -tradefeedz
    42:01 How difficult is it for a new developer to join IOHK to catch up to speed?
    44:16 Do you think the ecosystem has enough qualified developers to write smart contracts? -aadi2053
    47:48 During the interview process, do you have applicants write or show code?
    50:15 How do you evaluate who to onboard as an employee/contractor? -random_feedback

  2. I often interview with women informing them that I am a Master Love Maker. After interview performance they tell me I need a lot of improvement. And I find this so unfortunate. I regret that so many women are wrong so often.

    Anyways… another good podcast guys. Thanks for your work and dedication. David, I had no idea tech people had to carryout certain goal operations (my layman's language) when interviewing for a position with IOHK. It reminded me of this chef interviewing process below.

    Behind the scenes with Joe Bartolotta (~ 6 minutes)

    If you are planning a trip to Chicago or Milwaukee, David, I'd recommend coming during the dates Irish Fest in Milwaukee is going on during the summer. It's the largest Irish Fest in the country. I think one year your Prime Minister or something from Ireland attended the festival. Chicago is about roughly a 2 hour drive to and fro Milwaukee, depending on variables including the speed at which you drive. But roughly a 2 hour drive.

    Experience Milwaukee Irish Fest! (0:29 seconds)
    CelticMKE Center*
    Published on Jul 5, 2018

    Irish Fest (~ 6 minutes)
    Published on Aug 17, 2018

    As for when a cryptocurrency token or project "goes to the moon!" I like the responses. Yeah, it is relative and if you bought into bitcoin at USD $18,000 not only is your moon currently a long ways off you are at moment plummeting towards Earth.

    For myself I might answer it this way also, on a more adaption level, more macro level: I want oil to be traded globally in ADA. Not the US dollar, or Russian ruble, or the Chinese yuan, nor SDR's (Special Drawing Rights). ADA using the Cardano system. In fact, I would like it is ALL energy bought and sold was done so with ADA and be that energy solar, wind, geothermal, biological (bacterial producing methane gases), or hydro. And whatever processes produce electricity.

    I read this book (trailer) maybe 2 or so years ago. Informative. The author is a Canadian and deals successfully in the investment field focused on the energy sector. But I once some him on YouTube where he said something that stuck with me: "You don't invest in things you invest in people. You look at their team. Have their members ever accomplished anything." I paraphrased a bit with that. But that is why I choose Cardano. Not because of the thing called the "ADA token," but because of the people like Charles behind it. The people like David working for the Cardano project.

    Demise of the Petrodollar and the End of American Power – The Colder War by Marin Katusa (~ 4 minutes)

  3. Hey guys,

    I really love these interviews, i think it’s great that you interview all the people involved in the project. Hearing David speaking about his part on the project is very reassuring as an investor. Very professional and good to have him on the team!

    Keep it up!


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