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CEO Of SBI “World’s 20 Top Global Banks Will Use Ripple And XRP In 2019”

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22 thoughts on “CEO Of SBI “World’s 20 Top Global Banks Will Use Ripple And XRP In 2019”

  1. I have a few questions……If XRP is going to be the tool of choice by the financial institutions. 1- Why this cryptocurrency is not reacting at all after any major announcements? ….it's like nothing is affecting the low price to move not even close to 1 dollar, it's always in the penny market price….. If banks are using it to move large amounts of money for paying almost nothing, then…2- How this XRP will increase it's own value if the banks are not paying nothing to use the service?

  2. CZ, the CEO of Binance was on a podcast called Unchained. I love love love what he said about manipulation. This guy truly believes in freedom. Way more than Americans. Americans just vote their rights away. They love being ruled. Anyway, CZ even moves his business was frequently to avoid the silliness of laws from various countries. I’m rooting for this guy. As a matter of fact, I’m ditching Coinbase (they hold my fiat and some of my crypto FOR DAYS/weeks now, which didn’t happen before Jan 3 2019) and moving my operations to Binance. I hear they’re adding the ability to purchase BTC with usd.

    Way to go, CZ! I hope he gets every good thing in the world.

  3. Digital Asset Investor, That ripple logo with Chris did not pop up in the original interview. It was doctored in by a user. I watch you every morning. Dont spread fake stuff. It makes it look like XRP holders are so desperate to the point that we need to lie and manipulate the market ourselves. When we win it will be by truth because XRP can stand on its own without our pumping. The logo is obviously fake and its not in the original interview.

  4. Shocking how you can refer to a year old video and most of these 37 000 poor hopeful subscribers believes you. People will always be gullable when it comes to the prospect of making potential millions to get out of wrong career choices. And you happily post this old info as if new.

  5. Turning into the typical youtuber. No offense. Although…. he claims he saw the video…. "blah blah blah Bloomberg Korea or somewhere… blah blah blah and Chris Larson popped up…" lol, in the original interview this didnt happen….. so…….. cant believe most things on the internet these days.

    Get the views, but the content isnt what it used to be. Take some time off, less is more. More fact checking would be nice.
    If you cant show me the source of your information, and the source of your source, and that persons source…. then it never happened

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