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Codius The Rebirth – SEC Regulations For XRP – Ripple XRP News

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Codius The Rebirth – SEC Regulations For XRP – Ripple XRP News

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35 thoughts on “Codius The Rebirth – SEC Regulations For XRP – Ripple XRP News

  1. What a beautiful girl. You must be so proud. Next video you can speak but only show her face!!!!🤣🤣 Love your videos!! Stay true to yourself and who you are and I will keep on following you. Thx bud!!

  2. Now u done it baby looks like u. Why did u do that to her 😁😁😁. Its amazing all we do is to get a pice anr the little ones will enjoy life in a way we didnt . Xrp, babb.

    Cute baby mate. Best wishes for little ripple.

  3. As a bearded, foul mouthed dad who holds his daughter and watches your videos, I think it's fair to say I relate to your content quite a bit. Cute kid, cheers man.

  4. my theory is that ripple is a whole show! first of all the so called elite, the banksters, those wo are in control of the money have been planning a new world currency long ago, well at least thats what the truthers tried to tell us, but it looks like that all or most of the fiat currencies are going to remain and will be using ripple's technology #xrpthestandard

    so we could say that there wont be a new world currency but a new standard! ripple working with banks? come on, no one is going to work with a bank if he is not one of them… so ripple might be the project of the elite/banksters to establish their new world currency/standard….

    they are making it slowly, not hyping anything because if they would do it on one strike then the most people would not accept it, it is like the wars in the middle east: you dont tell people only once that they have weapons of mass destruction, no, you say it again and again, repetition is the key, then you bomb them… so this is what is going on with ripple: repetiton(donations, telling the media they have fast and secure transactions and world wide ease accessible) until everyone accepts…

    and then boom, hodlers are going to be billionaires!!!

    …my english is not the best, I am from Austria, no we dont have kangaroos here, but lots of snow in the winter

  5. Man don't apologize man that's your daughter we don't mind I hear some YouTubers kids screaming another room while they make videos at least you're holding yours keep up the good job dad

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