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Crypto Maniac 8 GPU Ethereum, Zcash open mining case

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Crypto Maniac 8 GPU case

Here is the deal: we took our popular Crypto Monster 6 GPU case and gave it a massive dose of (virtual) steroids! The result is an impressive 8 GPU mining case which incorporates some improvements based on the feedback of our users. You asked for it, we did it! The Crypto Maniac case is beefier and is designed to be stackable in such a way that units can be easily bolted together using our stacking kit (super easy). The unit is taller by one inch allowing the use of…

48 thoughts on “Crypto Maniac 8 GPU Ethereum, Zcash open mining case

  1. can you give me the equipment list ? like, what motherboard or how to extent it ? I also read that somehow windows don't support more than 6 ( sometime do ) so what's your solution on mining it ?

  2. How the power are routed? (PSU-1 – 4x 8-Pin to GPUs – 4x 4-Pin Molex to Risers – Rest to mobo etc) and (PSU-1 – 4x 8-Pin to GPUs – 4x 4-Pin Molex to Risers)? This is not problematic because the sense pin or something?

  3. Great video and product. Question: Using a PCI splitter can one add more than 2 GPU cards to an AMD Ryzen X1800 build? Can someone point me in the direction of some reading on comparison and evaluation of AMD Ryzen support for the PCIxe 3.0 data transfer of Ryzen MOBOs?

  4. I need help regarding a choice for MB for a 6 GPU ethereum mining rig..;
    I have a choice from one of the following MBs:

    1- Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming GT Socket 1150
    2- Asus PRIME Z270-P Socket LGA 1151
    Asus ROG STRIX Z270F GAMING Socket LGA 1151
    which is best to support 6 GPU cards?
    if any bios modification/upgrade needed please provide details…

  5. Zcash mining with GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 is at the moment BEST GPU-MINING !!!:
    So what I actually found out (more research internet) is that a GTX can make about 700 sols @ 180 Watt (max. 250W), a RX 470 does about ~ 250 sols @ 120 Watt (max. 150W). Are these good numbers ? FOR ZCASH (ZEC) MINING: When this is true the GTX 1080 is significantly more efficient than the RX 470 (Rx 570). In sols/price it's the same… So One mining rig with 5x GTX 1080 (ON ZEC) does more ore same profit (After, and for the ROI) like rigs with 14x Rx 470 (ON ETH)… About 780 $ vs 580 $ ? So GPU-Mining ZCash with GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 series is at the moment most profitable… And you need the lees space… But you will need a 1500W or 2000W PSU for a 5x or 6x GTX 1080 Rig ? Does a rig with 5x or 6x GTX 1080 even work ?

  6. WP.. Could i just use this PS EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 220-T2-1600-X1 80+ TITANIUM 1600W Fully Modular it has 9 8pin. Lets say I use RX 470 with 150 max watts thats only 1200watts I should still have room for the rest right.

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