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Etherem Smart Contracts with React JS – Ethereum/React Todo List #3

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How to Build Ethereum Dapp (Decentralized Application Development Tutorial)

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7 thoughts on “Etherem Smart Contracts with React JS – Ethereum/React Todo List #3

  1. Hey Gregory! First of all i have to thank you for providing with such a great content. I have a question, what would you do to respond to changes in accounts/network in this Dapp?

  2. AION is all these 3 things at same time:

    1. Dapp platform like ETH & NEO

    2. Router that transfers Value & Logic between blockchains

    3. Framework for spoke chains that enables infinite scalability.

    The Aion network is a multi-chain ecosystem that can scale infinitely to unlimited TPS using Aion spoke chains.

    Dapps can use multiple Aion spoke chains operated in parallel by same or different validators to run Dapps portions that require high throughput, then simply signal the final results back to the original chain. There is no limit to how many Spoke chains you can use.

  3. Hey DApp University

    Can you make tutorials on developing dApps on AION? AION created a virtual machine based on the JVM (Java Virtual machine) called AVM, it allows developera to take full advantage of Java and all the Java libraries to develop Dapps, it makes things easy, something that cannot be said about Blockchain Development, please look into it

    Debugging smart contracts on AION


    Aion Virtual Machine (AVM): Why not WASM?


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