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Ethereum Q&A: Scaling decentralized organization

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Instead of DAOs, how about decentralized autonomous societies (DAS), decentralisation at a societal scale? These are still very immature technologies. The use case for smart contracts and DAOs will first be in small-scale corporate governance and associations, before they could influence the structure of large-scale models of organization. The problems are super-state entities are due to those in power being removed from the consequences of their decisions. Why are there so many sharks and…

19 thoughts on “Ethereum Q&A: Scaling decentralized organization

  1. I agree company type structures will be the first to use it. and I think it will give them significant advantage over groups that do not. which will lead to larger company type groups forming and gaining power, while the ones that are slow to move (ie govt) will lose out. the whole geographic-based people-farming paradigm is going to have to change i think.

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