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Ethereum v Bitcoin – Why ETH Might Surpass BTC

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Ethereum Could Be Worth More Than Bitcoin Very Soon https://www.inc.com/brian-d-evans/ethereum-ether-could-be-worth-more-than-bitcoin-very-soon.html

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32 thoughts on “Ethereum v Bitcoin – Why ETH Might Surpass BTC

  1. ETH is MUCH safer. ETH is (would be if needed) gov friendly, also you know ETH developers, people behind it. It's a platform….Bitcoin is cool…but…price will not be so high all the time.. only now while people think it's gold…No it's fucking bytes on hard drives. If people wont accept bitcoins-it's useless and governments can make law to forbid using bitcoin. So you either be in black market or will have to sell at super low price. ETH will cooperate with any law..cause their focus is NOT to make money or go against systems. Thats why ETHERUEM safer bet.

  2. ETH will never surpass BTC for one reason. BTC has a cap 21 million and no more thats it but ETH has no limit can be literally mined indefinitely. Just plain law of supply and demand. ETH can be $1000 next year and its not a bad investment but BTC will grow to unbelievable heights… $10000 very realistic 🙂 Bitcoin is new Gold!!

  3. Vitalik (founder of Ethereum) himself, a former developer in the Bitcoin space and co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine, would disagree with much of your misinformed comparisons between Bitcoin and Ethereum. But the market at large will likely valuate it with about as much insight as you have. So … Moon. (I hold both BTC and ETH and am glad to understand the difference).

    (edit: I don't mean to be an asshole by the way. You have done more homework on this stuff than most people.)

  4. This guy is right… ETH is going up…
    BTW i just lost 250 dollars from a scam artist…. if you can chip in a little to get me to like 200, i'll be satisfied… ETH: 0xA02a63410A1013992E25941EDf5c14569f9Ca7B5

  5. The price of bitcoin will be so high compared to the price of autonomous robots capable of hunting down the bitcoin, they will scour the planet in swarms looking for every last single bitcoin like demonic leprechauns.

  6. Bitcoin is a better name than ether… people paying with bitcoins!
    i'm gonna give you some ether!, huh?
    Ether doesn't sound like digital money 😛
    sounds more like a drug or something lol
    ether doesn't have coin in it… lol
    i can't really see it becoming a currency like bitcoin, TBH…
    maybe for iOT should work well
    Monero has a better shot!
    Who knows… maybe i'll be totally wrong.

  7. What do you think of not cap on how many Ethereum there can be? This leave me thinking a bit about it even do I really like ETH and own some…

  8. Been using PM for years . I can always buy the big stuff. Crypto is already controlled by the trillionaire world banker crowd who can buy anything and they are gonna control Bitcoin and Ethereum. The UN already called it out and the world bankers own, control , created and orchestrate the UN.
    Crypto will buy all the Big pharma, GMO crap food, Vaccines and other BS that the creepy genocidal elites want you to have.
    The world bankers could not be happier now that Bitcoin has steered freedom loving anarchists into a cashless trap. They own and control the internet one way or another like it or not . Get chipped or no net. I will gladly kiss this net goodbye.

  9. Ethereum has no cap limit so it is not a good store of value, it has a different purpose than Bitcoin and so they are not competing.
    Bitcoin had no scaling issues when its adoption was small like Ethereums currently is.
    Bitcoin has/is getting updates to adapt.

    You are basically comparing apples and oranges here.

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