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Force yourself to HODL with this Ethereum Smart Contract!

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(Disclaimer: Do any of this at your own risk)

1. Download MetaMask (the chrome extension).
2. Connect to the Ropsten Test Network for testing (Main Network for if you want to actually hodl real crypto).
3. https://pastebin.com/6srxvHxf —Smart contract, copy and paste that into http://remix.ethereum.org
4. Make sure under the “Run” tab “Environment” is Injected Web3.
5. Adjust Line #7 to the desired time in which the contract will…

7 thoughts on “Force yourself to HODL with this Ethereum Smart Contract!

  1. Hello Gary,
    although I know you dont get much views yet but the video series you did just helped a whole lot! this is an emerging technology and not many people are aware of it and since there is so little content for solidity out there yet I really appreciate your work! Would love to see more solidity content! Maybe you have some other useful source to learn apart from the readthedocs?

    Keep it up Sir, definetly a new Subscriber!

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