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Goldman Backed Circle : Crypto And Ripple XRP “More Important And Disruptive Than Internet”

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42 thoughts on “Goldman Backed Circle : Crypto And Ripple XRP “More Important And Disruptive Than Internet”

  1. Signed Up on Hedra Hashgraph as you recommended. After you complete the ID and Face Recognition you get 5.0005 Hedra. App says that is worth $0.60. So looks like Hedra will be released at approximately 11.998 cents.

  2. I’m like you too! Only I’ve TRIED to quit a long time ago and fortunately had NO IDEA HOW TO QUIT.
    So now that into this stuff here, it’s later in life and I’m glad I’m not a quitter. So investments like this and others..when people like these whales they talk about and others start “jump off buildings”…THAT’S when I invest. Now that these digital assets are around I understand when you say things you say about losing 90% of what you had and still keep going. I think the powers that be, which have always said they want cashless, they see how huge it is and they want all the digital like they have cash. Like you said, they don’t want us to be rich. So they encourage us to quit. Then THEY get it ALL!
    No thanx! I’m going to be one of the ones getting lambos, not the ones who have pay for theirs. This is the ticket for the ride!

  3. Hey DAI .. always enjoyed your vids .. have hit the Like button numerous times .. Question , when a partner/client signs up with XRP.. what does that consist of.. loading new software/buying new towers and servers? .. just wondering?

  4. Hashgraph and IOTA both run on DAGs. Both already have existing companies committed to working with them and building on them. They're winners and do no hype their product. Tron and Cardano have no companies committed to working with them or building on them. Both of them hype their products any chance they get via their paid salesmen Charles Hoskinson and Justin Sun. Eventually ADA and TRON drop down the rankings and IOTA and Hashgraph pass them.

  5. DAI…..Santander is working w Ripple too. Just a reminder to you. 😉…..always enjoy your videos. Time and Patience. Coming to you from Western Canada.

  6. Ok so i went and watched the video from Hedera hashgraph and wow! They are the next in evolution, they talk about music and how we can buy direct from artists ei, pearl jam, but theres so much more potential!!!!

  7. Great video as always DAI..Its definitely going to be a great time to invest. The technicals look like we're going back into the mid to high 20 cent range within the next day or so…If youre going to buy wait a few days. Just hada reaction rally of 3.5 weeks after 3.5 weeks of waterfall dumping out of the descending triangle break…be prepared for another 3+ weeks of bearish momentum. But if you're a believer in XRP this means nothing. This may be the bottom or a retest coming up. So for the long term investor, take the opportunity by the horns…You may see numbers that don't make sense, and because of that…you may never see again.

  8. Hey DAI.

    Love your vids.

    That title is misleading clickbait though, and it's not the first time I've noticed it.

    I read through that article, no mention of XRP. I get the sentiment, and do believe XRP and perhaps the top 20 cryptos will indeed do very well, but intentionally misguiding people to think Circle mentioned XRP in particular in that article and plugging your favorite coin in all your titles to hype up viewers does the project no good, and makes the community look bad.

    Pls stick to the facts. Thanks.

  9. You mentioned Hedera as being better tech than blockchain. It caused me to ask a question that I never considered. What if XRP becomes obsolete before it even has the chance to reach full utility? What if blockchain gets dwarfed by some other better technology? All along I've been thinking (and rightly believing) that xrp is the greatest of all blockchain projects. But could it be possible that blockchain is a stepping stone to superior technologies in general. If so, could we be wrecked? It's just an honest question from an XRP enthusiast.

  10. Hadera Hashgraph has huge potential.. being after them for a long time… but no ways to "invest" in them yet as "normal retailer". Or?

  11. I earned 5 HBAR a couple weeks ago when I signed up for this. Looking at the value in USD it appears( 1 HBAR = .12 USD) Anyone who was able to show 1 million of assets would have been able to be an accredited investor a while back… which is now closed for more offerings. I believe they will begin to offer trading HBAR sometime in February 2019.

    I asked some of my coworkers to see if they wanted to build an app to possibly earn 1000 HBARs but they didn't have any background with the given languages Hedera uses. I have intentions of investing soon as it's available to add this as an asset to my cypto portfolio as I currently have GBTC, XRP, and ADA.

  12. Got a question? What do you think of Apollo coin. I know John McAlfee the CEO is crazy but everyone in the tech world knows him as he did a great job with the McAlfee anti virus and still has connections as he is talking of putting Apollo ATMs in several airports and cities thru out the world. I bought a few million Apollo coins for a few hundred dollars. Just wondering. Here is a decent video on Apollo and I'm in my 40s like DAI and I've lost money in penny stock scams about 20k in a medical records co called Medifile based in Florida in which I went to Tallahassee myself and got the Attorney General and Lt Gov of FL involved. I believe in research and I look at regulations a lot in which some new investors don't. I get mad when the market is manipulated but I like to do my research. But what do ya'll think of Apollo in this clip? Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ8QFF0pUD4

  13. Hello @digitalassetbuy , i'm a big fan of yours. I want to ask, if i have my XRP on Etorro,and i want to cash out let say 1m $ , any chance they can deny my withdrowal? So i lose the xpr or money for haveing them on that platform? Any toughts? Tyvm.

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