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Honest thoughts On: Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) had an eventful end of 2018. I break down and give my honest thoughts on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) here. Tell me what you think about Bitcoin Cash (BCH) below.

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11 thoughts on “Honest thoughts On: Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

  1. The word 'problematic' jars every time I hear it. We can tend to use it to describe an indistinct set of problems. The issue I have with it is that everything is problematic. Problems are a fact of life. To be forward looking we need to be thinking about what are the solutions to those problems. To dismiss something because it is 'problematic' is my mind being lazy about the act of thinking.

  2. I've always liked what BCH has to offer, but I can see that it has a hard road ahead. I switched to using BCH when the BTC fees became outrageous. BTC holders kept making the excuse that BTC is a 'store of value' rather than a peer to peer currency. Okay, well in that case, BTC is not what I need. I'm looking for a way of trading peer to peer with others on a daily basis. That is my vision for the future. BCH has that vision too, so our values align. I think that is the best way to judge what crypto we use too. Whatever crypto aligns with our values is working with our individual goals.

  3. You clearly don't know what you are talking about. BCH is money. Karma is a social network. For example, a single paypal transaction means a lot more than likes on facebook. Same applies to BCH vs Karma.

    Also, BCH scales scales infinitely by increasing the blocksize. That's the whole point of why it was created. They don't plan on using the Lightning Network. Nearly everything you said in this video was incorrect of technically correct but misleading.

  4. Respect good job, bcash is in early days , my take is BTC cousin's may thrive going forward do to a spill over from BTC due to higher price's of BTC. Looking forward to see which players will survive , interesting and exciting. Cheers

  5. Don't get me wrong, EOS is my biggest holding but when it comes to security, proof of work is still king. What people don't realize is that different Cryptos will be used for different things. This is why I am holding on to all my proof of work coins but buying a lot more of proof of stake coins because they will be used for stuff that requires more speed and less security! I am pretty well diversified regardless which one comes on top.

  6. Kind of beggining to feel valdeande magico is right about all this… He proposed that the in shadow hands already went for btc eth and iota, and they are just holding to it and preparing the field.
    I deply use and support EOS, and im kind of bewildered about how things are moving these days.
    Anyway, just adding some thoughts , great vid, Thanks!

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