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Institutional Ripple XRP And Crypto Head Fake Strategy

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20 thoughts on “Institutional Ripple XRP And Crypto Head Fake Strategy

  1. Thank you for your consistent input and knowledge on this market. You really give us regular retail investors a different perspective on the market and how the big players potentially view the market. In a world filled with lies and power, it feels you like you bring sanity and honesty back to this space.

  2. Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the like button for you!

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  3. Man do I remember that crap they pulled at Coinmarketcap. So does the Wall Street Journal. Google "How Coinmarketcap helped crash the Crypto Market." Don't think for one minute that old BTC money doesn't have more tricks up their sleaves…(CMC is in tight with Gemini). And DAI…they came straight out and said they were going to "TAME" Bitcoin. They said it last December. I believe the head of the CBOE said it, but it could have been the CME chief. One of them planned to lay waste to it…to make it less volatile and flatline it. That was phase 1.

  4. I love the random correlations drawn…like oil price had nothing to do with constricted supply and wars, and construction and economy booms, etc, it was all because of the ETF, lol

  5. Great video DIA! First time I saw the gold futures/ETF chart. Please listen to this video! The market now has nothing to do w/ fundamentals. It’s a low liquidity market in a cycle, a market where there is a ton of money to make scaring noob retail investors. Theres manipulation in every market. It’s just the power of big money. When the well runs dry, it will reverse when everything is set to go for institutions to buy for clients. Remember there is more money for them to make in a bull market..then it’s multiples plus client fees…not percentage shorts like now. Just have a game plan…there will be another bubble but much bigger. Just have a plan for that…previous investors didn’t…only 2% of holders made money that invested before and held through 2017…they didn’t know when to sell!!

  6. For those that think xrp will never go over $1….. We just saw BCHSV go from $30 to $140 in like 3 days.
    Can anyone tell me what the hell bchsv has to offer us for a real world use case?????
    Or am i missing something??
    If bchsv can do that, xrp should do that easily and more.

  7. BAKKT scheduled to 2019.

    But there is still stuff coming in 2018!!

    1). I have publicly stated that I have any confidence that major banks will use xRapid as a liquidity tool, this calendar year.

    2). At least one bank going live this year.

    3). Payment providers Cuallix, Mercury FX, Catalyst Federal Credit Union, live with xRapid in 2018.


  8. What if they use derivatives to treat cryptocurrency prices like they treat silver prices (with derivatives)? Cryptocurrency prices could also be held down, maybe to make the Dollar look strong.
    I'm just saying don't assume a bull run when derivatives are a tool for creating any price they want.
    Avoid derivatives and only buy actual cryptocurrencies.

  9. We have been working on something very big that we believe will change the game for cryptocurrency in 2019.
    In the coming weeks, BCD will be making a significant announcement about this major project in collaboration with several other organizations. This new project promises to make a positive impact on the industry.

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