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Is it too late to buy Ethereum and Litecoin?

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Recap on the ethereum and litecoin trade. Market update. Taking a look at the levels for the price action. Taking a look at ethereum and litecoin.

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20 thoughts on “Is it too late to buy Ethereum and Litecoin?

  1. Hey buddy….nice analyses! What would you say is the next price point to sell ETH and wait for a dip to re-buy? 340/350? And how do you think the Chinese regulation tomorrow will affect ETH short term price?

  2. Another great analysis. Thank you. Have thought about creating a trading course and uploading it on Udemy? I think that would allow you to focus more on trading and other opportunities. Ben

  3. ETH is more becoming centralized coin and the worst thing is that it doesn't have hard cap unlike bitcoin, litecoin. What will happen ETH when there is no demand for the coin while having excess (coin), the price will tank. ETH doesn't have strong support follower, most of them are greedy biatch that will jump ship if this coin started to fail. By the way ETH hasn't produced any significant development since 2014.

  4. Crap coins could be good, in terms of making 2x-10x, it all depends on your skills/knowledge. I think there is more risk when you trade top 20 coins. Not all crap coins are crap, there are actually good coins out there that undervalue. This is where you could make tons of money.

  5. I'm buying Antshares to hold so the liquidity doesn't bother me. I don't have time to day trade, so I simply buy what I think has medium long term potential. I sold ETH and BTC near the top, and bought LTC, and will probably hold til it hits 100 bucks plus which I see happening within 2-3 months…peace.

  6. A gold and silver guy here, so got hell out of ETH, too rich for my blood. Would only consider going back in at somewhat below 0.09 BTC, if it ever gets there. Riding the chikun at 90% of crypto portfolio, with 10% in BTC.

  7. Handle to follow on twitter? I am looking to make money….tired of just holding long. Would appreciate you sharing your buy and sell calls along the peaks and valleys. (till us novices learn the ropes) Thanks!

  8. Remember that ETH dropped when the new ICO's came onto the market. Will the ones that will enter the market on the 1st and 4th of July have the same effect on Etherium?

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