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Is Litecoin The New Bitcoin?? Million $ Gains? Moon Boys Explain! #Podcast 72

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39 thoughts on “Is Litecoin The New Bitcoin?? Million $ Gains? Moon Boys Explain! #Podcast 72

  1. I have been investing off the back of listening to James and as a result I have thousands of dollars (on paper), so your bearish bull moon scenario is fine with me. Another great video guys !

  2. Litecoin is going nothing but up. So if your not in now time is running out to get in at this under priced coin. If you have Litecoin hodl and buy more at this price you still can't go wrong. Litecoin is going to the moon in less then 2 years so buyers be ready for the move that's coming sooner then you think. Litecoin is the new Mooncoin and I'm not talking from my ass no pun intended. This is years of reading, seeing, hearing, learning before the crypto market existed.

  3. James's argument made sense to me. He's saying out of all the possible real world use cases for blockchain technology, if all but one use case (digital currencies) fail, Litecoin and Bitcoin and a few other coins could still have value through adoption because of their long histories and strong communities. I don't think he meant blockchain entirely failing.

  4. yes, LTC is the new gateway. as people become more crypto savy, they will want their 5 or 10 litecoins while they can still afford it. they will have seen bitcoin run away from them and will make the logical cross over to litecoin.

  5. Great show! The foundation is so positive for LTC. Even the term 'Lite' is positive, its short and simple. Think Coors light, Bud light, maybe Litecoin is a healthy alternative

  6. Yes, LTC IS GOOD. Something I would like to point out is that LTC as benefited from a lower price. I like the LTC community, but BTC has been troubled by success. People complaining don't mess up my coin. Will LTC get troubled with infighting if LTC goes to 1,500? We need to remember cryptos are software and if the community stops innovating that will slow progress. BTC has been slow to implement things do to fighting. I think LTC has jumped in many things do to a lower price. I loved that 1 HR. Interview with the DGB developer. It gave me a new perspective on the crypto future.

  7. There is one big problem looming in the crypto world namely FATF the FINANCIAL ACTION TASK FORCE who are introducing the travel rule and apart from the USA are dragging in another 36 countries plus 2 regional bodies. Their operating procedures will be published later this month. Your comments will be greatly appreciated on this topic.

  8. I think in this video, Mike is representing the people in our understanding of your "if it fails" speech!!!LOL I do think Litecoin could be the new Bitcoin. I do hold bitcoin as well as Litecoin. I hope they both explode!!!

  9. LTC is a very, very scarce asset. BTC is even more so. The way I see it LTC is not in the shadow of BTC, but is quite literally THE shadow BTC given their connection and how they operate as a tandum. It was decided a couple years ago that the developers of BTC pegged their product as a store of value, hence it should remain that way. With the implementation of atomic swaps between LTC and BTC, BTC has enough liquidity to make it viable for exchange, but LTC remains king in that department. One would be wise to choose LTC to get as much bang for the buck as possible. Even at the current price it is ridiculously inexpensive. Holding 5 to 10 LTC would be the same as owning 1 to 2 BTC in the future. So why even mess with BTC?

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