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Litecoin LitePay Cancelled! $NEM Catapult Updates | Cyber Miles Testnet | Fake News | $LTC $CMT $ONT

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LitePay (Litecoin LTC) calls it off, Cyber Miles releases testnet, Kucoin streamline, Bithumb makes paying with cryptocurrency easier, NEM catapult, Coinbase coins, and the history of forks in crypto.

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3:13 LitePay calls it off!
5:13 Cyber Miles (CMT) testnet
7:32 Kucoin to streamline trading pairs
8:58 Fake News?
16:13 Bithumb x Korea Pay Service
17:17 NEM catapult

43 thoughts on “Litecoin LitePay Cancelled! $NEM Catapult Updates | Cyber Miles Testnet | Fake News | $LTC $CMT $ONT

  1. Thanks for clearing my misconception with the current outlook of China about the cryptocurrency. Hopefully you could also make a review or cover about other coins available in Kucoin that had some updates like DeepOnion. It recently released new features like the mobile wallet where you can do transactions anytime and anywhere and stealth address that adds another layer for security and anonymity.

  2. Quality information (yet again). 👍 God knows why people watch channels that upload 4 or 5 videos per day with useless info…you know the one I mean….oh I know, for the advertising revenue. Keep up the quality Zombie.

  3. Does anyone know of any erc-20 coin with volume that wasn't an ico?? If coinbase is gonna add new coins THEY CANNOT HAVE BEEN AN ICO!! That would literally be a legality mine field for coinbase…Any ideas??

  4. – Ontology – I think K-Dub did pump that coin 😉
    – Litecoin / Litepay what's with their CEO always selling them up?!
    – Bitcoin Cash up to 9,000$ yup I saw that pump!

    Blockchain is here to stay, hey we're just 1% of the global market cap ^_^)

  5. Thanks for reminding me that “we’re still early.” As someone who started buying crypto in January it’s been pretty rough and it’s easy to think that the ship has sailed, when really we do have so far yet to go!

  6. Dude there is a direct correlation between top YouTube channels talking and certain projects and price action! No joke, you can literally see it in the charts corresponding closely to when news/videos are released, you guys may not fully understand the impact you have in the markets and that includes you too K-Dub! Cryptobud released 2 videos yesterday, one where he talked about Ontology heavy and the other was a straight up Ontology review, not to mention the 2 of you talking about it… ✌🏻

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