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Litecoin Pull Back Was PLANNED! – Im Buying Back In SOON – Cash App To Use LIghtning Network

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24 thoughts on “Litecoin Pull Back Was PLANNED! – Im Buying Back In SOON – Cash App To Use LIghtning Network

  1. TREND HAS NOT CHANGED AND WILL CONTINUE GOING DOWN WAITE. Don't jump in too early . will go below 25$ . don't follow the crowd. It's going much lower. The wales will buy in at 20 and lower.

  2. I grew a pair and I'm starting to trade my litecoin. Sold at $46 like you said, plan on buying back in when we hit the $36-$40 level. I was scared to trade my litecoin as it costs the money I work hard for. I realized that there is no reward without taking the risk. Although i may have shorted LTC, I plan on jumping back in to gain more when it is low. Props to you Hayden for helping me to get comfortable with trades. Once again, great job bro!
    ~Brian B.

  3. Dorsey has no clue he says so him self, he doesnt hold any altcoins so silly. Only btc , he said I dont know if btc is gonna be it but I only hold btc. I hope LTC is gonna be number 1!

  4. Something very strange happening in my exchange today. Purchased LTC and tried to get it out and onto private ledger, usually takes a few minutes, It's been over 3 hours?? One other thing is that this exchange has left litecoin in no 7 spot . imo LTC is becoming scarce.

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