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Litecoin, Silver…& Black Hawks?! (Bix Weir)

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Does it feel like “Crazy Days” to you? Yes! Me too. Hang on to your hats because these days will look like Kindergarten Class compared to what lies directly ahead!

31 thoughts on “Litecoin, Silver…& Black Hawks?! (Bix Weir)

  1. Eh, do what’s best for you people… Bix has good points but people like me that drank the Hodl kool-aid literally watched 7 figure crypto accounts go to 5 figures in a year have had to learn the hard way. Bix and his amigos Jsnip who held LTC from the peak to $27 then sold and advised his followers to try to make $10 gains by waiting to $17 after hundreds lost in hodling all the while while selling gains to buy his dream home in Florida and the other Amigo Clif High who went from living in a trailer to a beachfront home in Washington from selling crypto and crypto reports for $99 each monthly that talked about $100k bitcoin parties in 18’ all appear to be crypto snake oil salesmen. I do have a little more respect for Bix because he I think is genuine and has been since his silver cheerleading days. He’s just not that great of a finance guy and around some shady people. Even his other friend BItcoin Ben was asked to leave the LItecoin founds by Charlie Lee himself and Dick Allgire a other “Amigo” who is supposedly a physic saw $3,000 LItecoin coming and was off by about 90% so far.

    Anyway, don’t keep crypto on a exchange people but don’t listen to Bix or his buddies when it comes to investing just do what’s best for you and exercise good judgement.

  2. I just wrote my representative regarding Bitcoin futures and I am urging you Bix to make a video about this and tell Ben to make a video urging the crypto community to contact their reps about the fraud of crypto futures. Here is what my email said:
    In 2017 Bitcoin futures started trading and it appears that there are many more paper contracts of Bitcoin than the are of existing Bitcoin or of the amount of Bitcoin that will ever exist. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is clearly fraud. Other commodity futures such as corn oil and even gold technically can have unlimited futures contracts based on them because there is no cap on how much of each actually exists and therefore not fraudulent. However Bitcoin as well as many other crypto currencies are hard capped based in their underlying code. It is my opinion that unlimited futures for such commodities should not be legal and I propose a bill that would make unlimited paper futures based on finite commodities such as Bitcoin illegal as they are fraudulent. Thank you for your time and hearing me out on this issue.

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