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21 thoughts on “LITECOIN URGENT UPDATE!!!

  1. So what is trend breaks? I can also make the case that this is simply as abc. Current move down is a c wave. Should complete between $28-32. Then we start wave iii up. Within few days wave V will take price past $60. Trend lines are useful, but not always an accurate predictor.

  2. Litecoin mining reward halving Summer 2019 – Then Bitcoin 2020! In 2015 Litecoin rose 5X in run up to the last LTC halving!

    PS French Yellow vest ‘Proof of stash’ event is due this Saturday! Will depositors withdraw from French Fractional reserve Banking system?

  3. Great post and great advice. I anticipated a big move and no surprise to see this big drop. Got caught in a little scalp right when it crashed and took a scratch. Now waiting patiently for LTC/BTC to find some equilibrium. This is a BTC ecosystem so no rush. Cheers and keep up the good work Chris!

  4. Wow! An hour after you posted this video, LTC was at $32.73… great work, Chris. I don’t understand charting etc., but I do follow your ‘work’ and it has cured me of trying to catch those ‘falling knives’. Thank you. Hope you’re healing?

  5. I'm laddering in LTC between $29 to $31 with a stop… not advise…. it is what I'm doing. Coins are down over 80%,,, the smart money buys at these low levels hoping to shake out the retail investors. New all time highs will require a +80% move up. I believe in crypto… it's not going to zero.

  6. What low did Charlie Lee Predict a year ago? $25ish?
    I'll buy more there, other than that I've got my position set and I'm a long term holder. I'll sell only if I'm in desperate need. I don't care enough to trade daily and have to track a tax obligation.

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