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Litecoin's Next Move

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12 thoughts on “Litecoin's Next Move

  1. the Biggest Green candle, is an verry important one alot of people wont pay attention to. as far as you chart goes back, August 2018 we never ever had a bigger green candle than now, now in the past the same happend, and that is where Litecoin in the previous bear market, the Bear market ended , it dragged Bitcoin with it out of the Bear market, into the Bull market followd in 2017 with the All Time Heights.just remember that part (y)  Ps also the Volume in Total is 3months bullish we even have more Volume now seeing than in the 2017 bullrun that is also a verry important key part!

  2. Nice one! It's been a long bear market but I've been through this before, so I just continue to buy 2k worth of btc every month. I've enjoyed this nice increase to the 4k neighborhood but I won't be discouraged if it drops to 3500 again. I just buy, drop it into cold storage and go on with my life. I like to keep things simple, including my taxes. I filed out the EZ form a couple months ago. It took about 15 minutes and had my refund a week later. Back when I paid off my house with BTC, the taxes for that year were brutal to figure out. I can only imagine how bad it would be for active traders.

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