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Mining Ethereum 45 Days Later

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Took a while to get this one edited. It’s more like 60 days now but I wanted to update everyone on how the Ethereum Mininghas been going.

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14 thoughts on “Mining Ethereum 45 Days Later

  1. This reminded me of a time I first invested in the crypto/ICO market. I get similar vibes so mark my words when I say that the GIG9 token will probably be worth at least 10 times more in the near future. Get in while you can, guys. You might regret it later on!

  2. I know you have many rigs running. What do you think is going to happen to us ethereum miners when it switches over to proof of stake? I’m heavily invested in this and would like to know your take on where this is headed.

  3. Great channel, very informative, already subscribed and I gonna watch every video released here for sure. This will be a wonderful year for crypto mining, we gonna see a huge difference in december 2018 comparing to what is now like it happened to bitcoin value last year. Crypto world is just warming up, I feel that. Bitcoin will hit $ 1 000 000 easily within few years from now on and other cryptos will increase their values a lot as well, thus in almost each house around the world people will be mining cryptos. That's my forecast, thumbs up! 🙂

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