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Monero/XMR – A Beautiful Addition To My Portfoilio – Litecoin/Monero Potential

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Why I own Monero.

Monero, in my opinion is an awesome addition to my portfolio. Not only is XMR valuable to merchants, but it also has great synergy with Litecoin.

I can see big things happening in the future between LTC and XMR.

Atomic Swaps – https://goo.gl/z8bA8P
Fungibility – https://goo.gl/8shG8B
Cash Article – https://goo.gl/cuKVv9
Monero Reddit – https://goo.gl/h2zgwz &…

25 thoughts on “Monero/XMR – A Beautiful Addition To My Portfoilio – Litecoin/Monero Potential

  1. 🖖😎👍 L/M ~ two good things making even-bedda things ~ YES IT WOULD BE GREAT!!! I just got to finish watching your video, brilliant conversation, brilliant summary going on of what's Happening…. As usual Daniel my brother you rock u Rock!
    🖖😎👍 I love your graphics + plus pointing and looking up — just looks great from a YouTube first impression point of view before you PRESS play – love it…

  2. Monero was an interesting idea. Problem is that from a government overreach perspective, XMR (and other privacy coins) will be one of the first coins the government and banks try to take down as a threat to the system. Don't think they'll allow the coin without a fight. Such a fight can impact the price of Monero.

  3. This is the "huge unexpected surprise " he talked about in previous tweets. It is no longer unexspected because the cat is out of the bag at this point. He also said in a reply to a question on this that it will likely happen in the fourth quarter of this year.

  4. Funny… I hold you in high regard and really appreciate your videos. Couldn't agree more with your opinion. Ironically I added some XMR last week. You talking about it, simply endorses my decision! Wondering if you have opinion on having the XMR on an exchange or Wallet on computer is best for receiving the Airdrop planned for early march?

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