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Quickie: The Sky is Falling and Bitcoin Cash Comes to Coinbase

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The sky is falling again! The sky is falling again! Bitcoin Cash comes to Coinbase and some people are freaking out. Panic selling is taking place and it reminds me of something. Oh yeah, that time where people have panicked before.

Rest easy my friends. Travis and I are here to be the voice of reason and explore the issues surrounding the great Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash debate. Blockchain is here to stay, and we may be as well.  Welcome to a special Sky is Falling quickie edition of The…

5 thoughts on “Quickie: The Sky is Falling and Bitcoin Cash Comes to Coinbase

  1. From Rodger Ver it will be attacked one's Bitcoin will reach 30k and start to consolidate. So you can buy Bitcoin Cash at one's for expensive Bitcoin as soon as you will see the 30k price and notice the ASIC miner S9 will be on sale on bitmain site. 😎😎😎

  2. Hi guys,
    Great pod cast!! Not to many seem to be on the youtube for you guys but its that i sure for all my learning these days, from my car and truck to off grid living and now Crypto.
    Its come up in conversation over the las year or so and finally made the plunge and have made a small investment. I am planing more its just (live in BC Canada and only work when there is no snow and ski in the winter) ski season. Im using Coinbase, easy to buy but can't sell in canada yet. I'm ok with this as I'm going long hall on this. Im using Shapeshifter to convert coins around. It seems to work ok, iv lost a few small transactions as I goofed (ROOKIE). I also went ahead a got a Ledger nano s. I found a portfolio app that I like. Everything being said with transactions fees and what i have lost I am still currently ahead not including the cost of the Ledger. Im currently holding 6 Coins, XRP my most valuable one now, Dash, Btc, Dode 1000 for like $7.00 cnd so was like what the hell, BCN I'm mining this on my Mac book Pro just to see what its about, and last POT well I am Canadain and with legalization to me this seem ok to put some in.

    So far iv determined that buying Litecoin on coin base and using shape shift is working best for me right now. staring at coincap.

    I have learned the most from you and so far the best thing i have found on youtube on crypto. I a doing the binge listen and got to e18 and then jusmed in to your new ones.

    Kepp up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 30mins? That is pretty fast for Bitcoin (BCH) With bitcoin core (BTC) you may be lucky to get it done in an hour… don’t pay the highest fee and you’re waiting over 24 hours.

    Keep up the good work, love the show!

  4. As I watched this episode happen and BTC EXPLODED I went to other exchanges and nothing was going on.
    This was insider trading. Only on Coinbase. About 6:30 CTS BTC started to rise. And by 7:00 it popped to over 8k and at 8:30 it dropped. Insider written all over the place. But the exchange stopped all transactions.

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