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Ripple And XRP : The Stellar XLM Killer?

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24 thoughts on “Ripple And XRP : The Stellar XLM Killer?

  1. I hold XRP because at this point if I sold it would be at a loss compare to if I had held BTC instead.. In truth xrp paired with BTC as we all should measure has gone down around 4% . To just break even xrp should be trading at $0.325 NOT $0.314 as it is now…Assume XRP can destory ETH and every last ETH hold to convert at it current price to XRP the best price XRP could ever hope for is an exagerated 0.000196375 BTC per XRP or as of now $0.78.. Realisticly XRP will NEVER hit evn $1.00 until BTC goes to around $14,000

  2. Do you have any opinions on Bitrue? They offer 7.5 % (Example on website is 10,000 xrp will yield 2 xrp daily). Why I bring this up is because you were giving the exact example on bitconnect, but on a smaller scale.

  3. i'm going to make a video im a engineer. actually the bots mean nothing if they were not done by xrp. the bots are on every site even FB and that was connected to the election. What webmaster has control.. This is fake news not on your part but the people pushing the issue. The bots are here on YouTube to increase likes they are here a web master has to police the site. If Twitter didn't they are to blame.

  4. Maybe i'm missing something but these articles all seem to mention they will use the Stellar blockchain to create cryptocurrencies including stablecoins but not seeing anything about XLM adoption. Maybe it's just the way they are written, who knows.

  5. Another micro-cap altcoin that has broken out and will go absolutely nuts is DTA. Definitely, XRP is my favorite, and comprises a very large part of my small overall portfolio. However, there are some micro-caps that can and do go up a crazy percentage in a short amount of time. Every time I make a nice percentage on one of these, I hold back my original several hundred dollars to re-invest in the same one again, and with the profit I buy more XRP which is my long term hold. This plan has worked three times with ADT. When and if ADT goes down far enough again, I will buy it yet again. Look at a chart and you can see the spikes which I have hit about half of.

    I am now far ahead with DTA. I plan to sell half when it gets to the low 40-satoshi area, and I'll hold the rest because I think it is so ridiculously cheap right now that it could easily be a 10X. On the other hand, if it does not get past 40 satoshis right away, that's OK. I am very comfortable continuing to hold. Just my ideas, folks.

  6. You're reading the coinpaparika stats wrong. The percentages for BTC and ETH that you showed are the ADA gains relative to those two coins.

  7. To me, Arbitrage's "Send us your XRP; we will pay out a phenomenal return on your investment." is the same like sending your XRP to even Uphold for a return. In other words, you give up your XRP and hope you get it back. I dont trust that model, even Uphold's model. It's better to keep your XRP in YOUR OWN HANDS.

  8. 87% of Exchange volume is "POTENTIALY" suspicious!? Well no Fing shit Sherlock (not directed at the Digital Asset Investor) An unregulated industry were billions of dollars are flowing through is not manipulated? I made a post over a year ago about this. The Bots alone are skimming pennies! Adding up to millions!
    Sub penny cryptos making multi millionaires overnight? Nah Not Potentially it is manipulated.

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