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Ripple Caught Between Trump and the Federal Reserve – XRP One World Currency

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Trump, the Fed, Ripple. What’s gonna go down?

45 thoughts on “Ripple Caught Between Trump and the Federal Reserve – XRP One World Currency

  1. The US will not allow XRP/Ripple to fail. Frustrating that we have to wait for so long but the future will be amazing. Yes, the big bankers will invariably run the show but I'm just fine with that because I got in early.

  2. Trump has appointed the Fed chair and 3 of the seven chairs on the Fed board, with two more pending, are Trump appointees.
    All but one chair will be Trump appointees soon enough.
    Q has said the Fed will be restructured.
    Q has also said "gold brings down the Fed".
    With the executive order of 12/21/17 it would the government to freeze or seize the assets of the Fed if it is proven money laundering/fraud were being run through the organization.
    There was a bill introduced on 1/03 to audit the Fed.
    I could see the Fed being taken over and restructured by the government….while the majority of Fed debt is wiped clean….block chain would be used to help provide transparency and prevent laundering and fraud in the Fed.

  3. Trump should just nationalize The Fed, erase the US debt owed to it, and take over the control of the US currency like it should be. There is no way the US currency should be created by a private, non-government company and issued to the US government as debt. It's ridiculous that this has been allowed to happen for so many decades.

  4. Nice to see u r not like these idiots saying XRP will be "wonderful for the world" and "save the poor and oppressed" blahblahblah – yeah it will be a mechanism of control. But the same can be said for btc imo.

  5. I live in Australia, but I'm definitely a big Trump supporter. Hes done way more for your country than that muppet Obama, Bush or Clinton's. Has he got bad points? Sure, who doesn't? Out of all, I think Trump has been a man of his words. I like that!

  6. Yo oak , I couldn’t agree more . I can see AI getting completely out of hand . I don’t consent to being governed via the law of commerce , and I can see in the NEAR future everyone having to pay for things with a hand swipe gesture . I don’t want to partake but my route to freedom and peace and happiness I will not question . . If we gotta hop on the ripple bus and get off and Kansas just know in advance I’m happy to be your neighbor man .

  7. I’m as impatient as anyone but a blessing in disguise that XRP hasn’t mooned yet. Witness MSFT and the Deep State’s threats to break it up into many pieces on antitrust grounds many years ago. After that Bill Gates became a depopulation/vaccine stooge. There’s Deep State involvement with AMZN, GOOGL and FB too. Ideal is for DS to be eliminated and then gold, silver and XRP can moon.

  8. I'm waiting for a group to do what they did in the end of Transcendence…wipe out all power. Make us start fresh with no money, no crypto, nothing. No computers or phones….imagine.

  9. Trump is going to completely change America from being a screwed up mess of corruption to a thriving America with a Government that actually works. Problem is he only has 8 years to do it. While TRUMP is in office there is NO FEAR of a one world government…when the Corrupt Deep State takes over then we will have a one world government!

  10. Brother Oak…I did not know we were fellow Patriots!!! I am learning lately that many of my favorite XRP Hodlers are conservatives….its freaking me out because so many people around me are haters!

  11. Imagine if they pumped the value of Xrp the new world currency to pay off the national debt and back the usd with Xrp. Then get rid of the fed, our fiat would be probably the most valuable in history not to mention what the value of xrp would be. Imagine 1950’s prices again

  12. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!! Me too Brother. Be able to pay off my families debt, buy some land in the country and live peaceful and free. Then focus all my attention to help stopping this criminals in parliament.

  13. Right on brother!!!! Ive been watching the same….I think it's all hand in hand connected….the world is going to crypto we all need to grab our part of it…..Thanks for your streams!!!!

  14. Yeah I believe in that too. I also think that XRP was “ordered” to be built. I heard that Mr. Schwartz actually worked for the CIA. So it all comes together for me like this.

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