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Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was Amazing on CNBC & Bloomberg Financial Shows – Full Interviews

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http://www.ThinkingCrypto.com Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was interviewed on CNBC Squawkalley and Bloomberg this week. He did a great job explaining Ripple’s solutions for Banks, Blockchain and XRP. This is important for Ripple as any company needs someone who can talk about the companies mission confidently.

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20 thoughts on “Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was Amazing on CNBC & Bloomberg Financial Shows – Full Interviews

  1. I think you can maybe add a few other coins to your videos that have a great potential from company perspective, like ADA You seem to be the best at reading the company or coin and it’s future intentions. Like are they solving a problem. 😊

  2. Easily $5 in the next couple of months. Definitely $10 – 50 by next December. Read up on it. This will be easily a $100+ asset in a COUPLE years and maybe even faster. Coinbase is going to be taking on Ripple in their exchange and it will skyrocket. It is going to be the next big asset. Hit #3 spot. Most importantly it will be one of the few coins left standing if there is ever a major drop off in regulation changes. Teaming up with MAJOR banks. This is probably the safest coin out there investment wise and longevity. The adoption of banks makes this the safest investment out of any crypto assets. Changing international bank transfer from 3-7 days to seconds and fees are cents vs hundreds. This is going to explode. I would suggest getting Exodus Eden to hold on to these before missing the 100% ‘s of gains. It already went from .60 to 1.90 in three weeks. It will be over $2 tomorrow which people said would never happen. People said bitcoin would never get to $5. Early investors are laughing at people that thought differently. Ripples technology crushes any new technology advancements using blockchain technology. I would suggest getting in now before you regret it. As I regret not getting it at .02 not too long ago. Search exodus wallet on google. You can use exodus Eden. Use coinbase to buy Ethereum and transfer that to exodus to convert to Ripple. XRP will be around for the longggg haul. If you have any questions I’ll be available to respond at some point. Cheers early Ripple investors 🤑

  3. I can't believe any "free market" person like cnbc commentators would question why there is a need for something like ripple. After all why shouldn't the market's be stream lined. Look at how out of date swift.
     Moreover SWIFT was hit my a major hack this year, the system needs a new solution. It may not be ripple in the distant future but at this time its a solution that's a revolution.

  4. The essence of blockchain technology is that we don't need banks to make transactions. The reason that Bitcoin was started was to have an alternative (decentralized!) system that is not controlled by banks, because of the mess they created (remember the banking crisis?) and the power they have over us all. Clever guy that Brad fellow, but Ripple is a sell-out to the banks. Let's first create some systems without banks shall we? Listen to Andreas Antonopoulos, he knows what he's talking about: https://youtu.be/F78yZgNnSz4?t=1m2s

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