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Ripple/R3/XRP: DX exchange and the stock and crypto market seesaw!

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Are investors planning to seesaw money from the stock market into crypto? Will the six exchange facilitate this maneuver?

10 thoughts on “Ripple/R3/XRP: DX exchange and the stock and crypto market seesaw!

  1. Thanks for the video! I am now a new subscriber 🙂 Not sure if their is a true correlation between the stock market and the crypto market yet because some much of the trading is done by robots and AI.

  2. think those jumping on the crypto train will be blessed, stock market is dying the way we know it, of course they begin to struggle and fight for their life, so they will also jump on crypto, both will be combined but at least stocks can be find within the new asset class and disappear; it´s like everything that is dead, it won´t become alive again. well, the big ones and those knowing the markets will have already left the sinking ship, those without knowledge and interest will be financially buried- everything only my humble opinion. all the best for 2019, yeshua!

  3. You covered a lot of good topics and have a solid perspective. Good stuff man 👍
    Right now I think there’s a correlation of stocks and crypto but only slightly and it’s hard to understand how exactly. Looking for a chart or something on it

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