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Ripple XRP And Crypto Are The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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30 thoughts on “Ripple XRP And Crypto Are The Fourth Industrial Revolution

  1. hey DIA. great vids. if you own 1 BTC plus Tron and Cardano and 99% of your portfolio is XRP the question is how much XRP do you have??? you don't have to answer but I wish I had your stack any day. keep up the good work. see you in Liechtenstein.

  2. The space is rigged by the exchanges until "global" regulation then the your only choice is to guess when the bottom is buy some and cross your fingers and hope that the in 3 – 5 years time you make some money if not dont waste your time everyday hoping / wishing that you will become a millionaire overnight — been there done that and done that and done a little bit of research.

  3. Hi Dai- you just made me think about another possibility- imagine if someone could work out an airline partnership program ( Xpring might support the project) whereby one could sell off their unused airmiles for XRP and transfer it over the ILP ledger. By coincidence I sent a few tweets to Wietse Wind earlier today explain that due to regulations that is holding back the market, XRP might be able to circumvent restrictions in certain countries if the asset is utilised as a means of payment in flight- just like duty free. I recall a time when I was on an Air Asia flight in Thailand and was unable to buy snacks because they only accepted US Dollars and Malaysian Ringgits. Therefore I think airlines should be open to the use of a universal global asset like XRP- another use case I suppose. Air Asia was mulling creating their own crypto but it looks like it's been put in abeyance.

    Lastly, airlines could also get extra revenue by offering 'fractional time upgrades' for seats that have not been taken- imagine if half of a long-haul flight upgrade can be purchased using XRP at considerable discounts (subject to T and C's set by the airline of course); it's not only about micro-payments after all- airlines win and the customer experience is improved as well.

    I for one don't mind skipping a champagne welcome if I can go sleep in business class and have a meal for a mere $250.00 surcharge for example. What I suggested to Wietse Wind is to think about integrating the tipbot into a unique flight wallet where passengers can upload XRP into it and use it when on board an airline for select merchandise and services ( flight attendants should be able to view the wallets to see the balance). Additionally Coil could also be available on flights whereby airlines could strategically have select programs aimed at passengers showing their partnerships and other items that that they wish to promote (including how else they can use their XRP)- this would be particularly useful for big events held at destinations like major Expos and national events like the Olympics to name but a few.

    The scopes are endless- XRP the standard!

  4. Great video as usual DAI! Supporting facts about the DOT Com bubble from Wikipedia. I remember that time well because I was working in that industry.

    By the end of the stock market downturn of 2002, stocks had lost $5 trillion in market capitalization since the peak.[41] At its trough on October 9, 2002, the NASDAQ-100 had dropped to 1,114, down 78% from its peak.[42][43]

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