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Ripple XRP: Brad Garlinghouse AMA, Tron, Bitcoin and the Bondi Bond

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Addressing the use case for XRP. The established value of numerous currencies within this space. Looking at Tron’s partnership with BitTorrent, Five days till Tron Virtual Machine launch. Tron Wallet upgrades and Banking on Blockchain within Australia.

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13 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Brad Garlinghouse AMA, Tron, Bitcoin and the Bondi Bond

  1. Thanks for another good video!
    I heard Stefan Thomas say something in an interview and I’m shocked that the Maximalists aren’t constantly bringing this up… It’s the fact that X-rapid not only can run on XRP, but it can also run on Bitcoin!! I haven’t heard many people cover this point.

  2. G’day Oz, great vids. Had a thought tonight and wondered what your opinion would be. Is Trump pushing to have XRP as the new world reserve currency. If it did come in the value of the US dollar would drop which would see the US export market go off the scale which would help their economy. He’s been wanting the value to drop for this reason so this could be a good way to do it if they could control their inflation.

  3. I like your Tron coverage. I think this coin is grossly under-appreciated particularly by the western world. The team, vision, partnerships, up to date achievements are all remarkable. I have no doubt it has a bright future. My second favourite coin after XRP. Otherwise, I love your content so keep 'em coming. 🙂

  4. This is what i think:
    If xRapid gets activated by October/November, the 3 exchanges (that we know of) start using XRP as their base pair and if SBI fully launches their program, i.e announces use for their remittance network through xRapid/XRP, I think $10 will be a drop in the bucket for how high the XRP price will be. Everything is set up and ready to go, we just need xRapid turned on…of course not forgetting the dozens of banks that will be using XRP by the end of 2019. $10 per XRP will seem like a bargain.
    OzCrypto, what is your comment?

  5. Nice content mate, Cory Johnson stated " the world bank says the average fee of a cross border payment is 532 basis point! When using xrp its 4 basis points!" So on average you spend 5.32% fee. That is insane, every 100 dollars you spend $5.32 when xrp would cost you $0.04

  6. I try mate, I work two on two off so due to work commitments I can't always watch live, but I play catchup. Don't tell my boss but normally I have a crypto podcast on when it's a drilling shift, lol. Love ya work aka NewJackHodler

  7. Weldone OzCrypto, what is your short term (december) and long term (2020) XRP price pridiction? Other community members (jungle, DM, thinking crypto, digital asset investor, alex etc…) determined their pricing

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