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Ripple XRP: Could A Private Ledger Screw Me Out Of My XRP Millions?!

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18 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Could A Private Ledger Screw Me Out Of My XRP Millions?!

  1. The truth is no one can predict prices. Anyone that says XRP (or any asset) will be this, this or that, just don't listen to them. It's a waste of time. The market can go any direction at any time.

  2. I don't think we have to wait for ripple's escrow to finish. I think they do want to make money on their holding of xrp so some of it is just for profit. Also people keep saying that they hold 60% but I think it's closer to 50% and decreasing every month.

  3. Express is a run of the mill newspaper not the biggest here in the u.k…they don't have any weight or understanding of crypto based on alot of their previous news articles, covering crypto in general.

  4. With institutions using xrapid and only $5 dollars lmao , we went to $ 3 speculation only which many thought was impossible due to the supply, many will be surprised how high this will go just because they don't know how xrp can appreciate that much with a just a small crowd of investors imagine institutions

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