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Ripple XRP Going To 30 Cents? – Here’s My Thoughts

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Ripple XRP is a crypto that I still like and I think it will go crazy when the bull run starts back up.. I like Ripple and I will continue to hold it. Ripple has more partnerships than any other cryptocurrency on the market, and they always are looking for more every month.

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27 thoughts on “Ripple XRP Going To 30 Cents? – Here’s My Thoughts

  1. So what if it does, then the big boys will come and push it to the moon. It's all about manipulation and the big institutions trying to gobble it all up. Power to the small man.

  2. I don't see a break of support, I see many bullish patterns in the market you need to use more when trading then just trend lines and 1 ema a 5 year old can do this, Speaking on xrp specifically they are partnering with at least 1 bank or financial institution on a weekly basis. I understand bitcoin dominance holds a correlation on the entire market and also do believe whales are manipulating price to buy at lows in my personal opinion I don't think were going any lower seeing how strong we've been holding this level of support and these cryptos are way undervalued at the moment.

  3. Follows BTC on the way down, but never on the way up. XRP only runs on Coinbase listing rumors. Will likely keep floating down until rumors start flying again or XRP (not Ripple's other products, but actual XRP) is ACTUALLY (not piloted) used by more financial institutions.

  4. This decentralised b.s. people talk about it just for the child molesters pedophilia and terrorist. Sure I get get tax aspect of it but if we are in the US to be free to do trading or anything else then why piss and moan.pay uncle Sam for our freedom,continue making money and stop putting up road blocks for yourself with this decentralizing crap.
    Imagine if we knew even less of where torrorist fund their sneaky cowardly attacks unless your with them stop crying

  5. Hey Ben you forgot to mention that Ripple has a lot of financial institute partnerships. But all the banks use Xcurrent from Ripple NOT XRP. Only one bank uses XRP. And that’s why with all these adoptions theirs still no effect of its value going up with XRP

  6. XRP going to 30c. Based on what?? Probably, probably & maybe. Like you or anyone else claiming to be youtube crypto "experts" really know. If you did, you wouldn't be making youtube videos but sipping pina coladas counting your money instead.

  7. You nailed it, man; we will see a new low for XRP. This is all a part of the plan: scare the weak hands (who occupy the majority of this space currently) and gobble it all up. Once the big players are in and infuse the market with trillions over the next few years, it will be too late to get back in. XRP is still trading sideways. Best guess? XRP at $0.43 in 1.5 months.

  8. GREAT VIDEO! Here are some articles from BIG INSTITUTIONS talking about Ripple to make a case for your point on the next Ripple Bull Run – It's coming!! Here they are:

    Forbes-Ripple Could be Next Bitcoin

    Nasdaq – 20 cent crypto ready to soar by 12-18

    Nasdaq – The Rise of Ripple

  9. Hang on… i bought 0.24, sold at 2.80. I followed your vids but you always said you Hold your XRP. Now you saying you sold at around 3.' I believe now that you are lying. No offence but it is what is is. Unless i missed something

  10. Big Ben maybe you can answer this….no one seems to be able to answer. You keep hearing Ripple is good but XRP is not Ripple and no one will use it. Well 99% of all coins in my opinion will never be used for anything. My thought is coins are just a investment in their company. No one can explain realistically any real use for the all the coins themselves but they can swear XRP won't be used

  11. Hey man great video as usual. I have a question and I know most YouTubers and people on Twitter don't like this question but do you have any suggestions on taxes when it comes to bitcoin? Is there anything that we should look at to help guide us. Even CPA don't really know and the ones that do are hard to find. Just looking for an opinion I know it's not Financial advice

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