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Ripple XRP interview David Chaum Elixxir Consensus 2019 New YORK May Bull Run Time

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37 thoughts on “Ripple XRP interview David Chaum Elixxir Consensus 2019 New YORK May Bull Run Time

  1. CKJ, you know the more i hear about these so called ‘professionals’ that are up and coming into this space the less they appear to know,”weak blockchain” thats a new one!! I think that they have got caught up in only knowing and believing not much more than the rest of the population and that BTC is the only coin representing the crypto space and have bought a shedload of them, so now have to sell them to the ‘moms&pops’but I also believe that once they do come up to speed though, they will realise that xrp is far superior and will just let btc die on the vine, this will happen, but take a few years. In part due to the amount of electricity thats going to be needed to mine it in the future.

  2. Sadly that is NY. A whole bunch of uptight people who think they are part of high society. Long commutes for such a small distance. Get your money out of NY and live elsewhere. Thank you for the show!

  3. That dude who said XRP has a WEAK ?? Blockchain needed some talking to.
    As an IT guy myself would I have a series of questions for him, like
    1) What tools are you using?
    2) Who developed those tools?
    3) Why do you consider it a WEAK blockchain if tracking XRP wallets is more difficult than tracking BTC wallets? Wouldn't that make it a STRONGER Blockchain?

  4. All that money they donate go buy a damn gopro tonight !!!! if you really care about us or quality in general and buy a harness. No excuses with all that money you get

  5. Bitcoin is easily tracked. Thats why adoption and SEC approval happened for Proof of Work coins BTC, ETH, and LTC so fast…. XRP Consensus protocol is not as simple to trace which is why Banks like it. Banks like to hide the internal money transactions.

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