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Ripple XRP Is Helping Tokenize Commodities

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39 thoughts on “Ripple XRP Is Helping Tokenize Commodities

  1. I don think I like the idea of using shares of gold to pay for a bag of apples at the store.
    If I keep the share of gold it will be more valuable in the future.
    If I buy the apples, i'll eat them, and after a few ours my "share of gold" will end in the toilet.

  2. Not supporting Coinbase, but in December 2017, when you funded your account with a debit card, you were able to immediately purchase and move the assets off of Coinbase. The reason is most likely because a debit transaction is instantly confirmed by your bank and those funds remain unavailable in your bank account, and show up as pending transactions. Debit is actually the speedy messaging domestically, and immediately holds those funds so that you can't spend them. I believe this is what Uphold is doing. Not long ago, and probably mostly the case right now, all debit/credit purchases of cryptos were banned. And people have had to resort to bank transfer instead. How I'm understanding this is Uphold, via the major banks they deal with that operate in the 3 fiat currencies that are supported for this type of funding and are listed on the Uphold website, has gone through the process of getting approval for debit/credit funding on their exchange. They do specify that you only have access to fund your account via 3 fiat currencies…USD, GBP and EURO. Then once you fund through one of the 3 fiat currencies, you can then transfer that money into whatever cryptocurrency you want. I have no idea whether those cryptos can be immediately removed from Uphold Exchange. That would be a great question to ask, if someone hasn't already.

  3. ive been able to buy bitcoin instantly with a debit card on cb and instantly transfer it to binance for months, with uphold you used to have to wait to pre fund your account with fiat using a debit card which took 3 days. once your account was funded with fiat buy and transfer out was instant

  4. Actually you can buy instantly and transfer instantly on Coinbase. If you buy with debit card you get your coins instantly. With in a minute or two at the most you can transfer anywhere you want. I do it all the time.

  5. It's nobody's business at what price someone sold whatever at, but it's different when you are a creator of that coin.
    Clearly Litecoin is made for personal gains just like thousand of other useless coin.
    At least Charlie was patient enough to wait unlike that schmuck Jackson Palmer with even worse shitcoin lol

  6. Yes, you can buy crypto and transfer off within minutes. I did yesterday. HOWEVER, the fees are steep as compared to Binance etc!!!! If you are in the US, the fastest approach is to buy Bitcoin with the Cash App which is available as fast as bitcoin confirmations. 😂 Then transfer BTC to Binance and buy your XRP there. Then transfer your XRP to your Nano Ledger. 🤣

  7. Is regards to Uphold instant deposit. Yes you can, I added to my Uphold account via debt card and immediately transferred (4 -5 minutes) to Binance to purchase some Tron.

  8. In the world of finance and business, efficiency and seamless processes are critical to sustainable services and products. They are not concerned with the current price. They are concerned with making sure business is smooth. If you are expecting your investments to pay off this year, slow down. In 5 years we will see if this investment has paid off – not just XRP but all crypto. This is the essence of putting your big boy pants on. If you work a 9-5, keep working hard and get that check because you probably won’t be wealthy enough to quit by EOY.

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