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Ripple XRP It didn't happen again / feeling defeated

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Hey all, thanks again for joining me as I go through this chapter in my life which is Cryptocurrency.

I am not a financial adviser. Nothing I say or show here on this channel should be taken as financial advise. This is all purely for entertainment purposes and as a platform for me to share my journey.
Please seek financial advise from a professional should you want to invest in Digital Assets.

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1 thought on “Ripple XRP It didn't happen again / feeling defeated

  1. Bruh why are you even feeling defeated in the first place. $300 in few days is just logically impossible. You should know better.
    Like you said, you invested money you can afford to lose so don't care about it- it doesn't exist. You buy and you just forget about it. This is something you buy and sell decade later in hopes of selling it for a higher price, not something you becomes rich off of in weeks.
    As a trader I recommend that you detach your feelings from your investment. If it goes up- it's just another day. If it goes down- it's just another day.
    For all we know Ripple doesn't care about any of us. To them we are just a parasite trying to make money off their success. They could just be using our money to fund their company and grow so they can benefit. In the back of your mind just remember that they don't owe us anything.
    I have decent size position on XRP and I want it to go up as well. We all do. We'll just have to wait patiently and it will all work out.
    If it makes you feel better there's this guy: https://twitter.com/rockerest/status/91885405368098816
    Don't be Tom. Many people knew about BTC back then, but only select few held for 5~8 years straight.

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