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Ripple/XRP New World Order – A Level Playing Field – An IoV

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Ripple/XRP New World Order – A Level Playing Field – An IoV

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37 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP New World Order – A Level Playing Field – An IoV

  1. Say no to the chip. That’s the mark of the beast and you WILL be left behind when Jesus returns for his people. New World Order is inevitable because of the elites, but you can refuse the mark and have eternal life

  2. You're right about the new 1% the current 1% are buying the shit out of this stuff so nothing will change apart from a very few joe's will get a nice boost for being early to the game. Fuck to the chips though man! New world order, who do you think will be running that shit, you got it USA, Russian, China & the likes!

  3. I agree with some analogies but this one ain't it. Preparing to surrender, is like, preparing to die.. Or to defend my statement it's not the tech that I fear, but the man who runs it.. is his intentions as good and wholesome as the others or much more. devious.

  4. Sir…. America is a puppet of the NWO !!!!!! You have to crush America to get the NWO plan to go full affect.
    That's why they are……
    1. Taking our guns
    2. Taking away our speech.
    3. Silencing Christian's
    4. Turning boys to girls and girls to boys and confusing them….
    5. That's why they are adding Soy to everything to make them soft and girly.
    So on and so on….

    Remember you cant rushes our shores in America bc we will DESTROY YOU !!!!
    So NWO will destroy us from the inside out !!!!!!!!!

  5. Sir please listen to Maryon Fagon speech from 1967…….. the speech will change the way you think for the rest of your life !!

    Thank you for your energy and time !

    Please take the time to listen to that speech !!!!!!!!

  6. wow just thought about what everything being on blockchain, completely cashless society, and tracking chips a decade or so from now means for drug traffickers lmaooo. could this make it obsolete?

  7. My deal with tracking is with so called law abiding citizens. I abide by real laws like don't murder, steal or assualt ,but drinking beer and shooting guns in the mountains and cleaning up my mess. Fishing at night and so. It's not just tracking it's the less freedom they offer and the countless dumb laws out there to control people only gets worse. Just want my 100 acres by a river and to tell everyone to fuck off with the NWO and everyone can morph into robots while I get to live the life of freedom and fresh air while I'm using my xrp bags to build some cool shit. Disagree about NWO ,but love your content you guys push out and can't wait to all meet up once this XRP moons. Keep up the good work!!!

  8. With the greatest respect, I disagree. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Micro chips that know your every movement, your whereabouts at all time and controls your money is bad news. It can stop you using money at any time. Micro chips takes away individual power. It takes away individuality. It enslaves us while giving absolute power to those in power. That's what Hitler tried to do. He wanted total power. Kim Jong UN wants that world. Those that don't learn from the past are doomed to make the same mistakes. For me protecting an individuals privacy and autonomy is what protects against corrupt power. It's not about hiding your own sins, it's about having power to protect your self when the sin is committed against you or another. Take away an individuals autonomy and you open up the doors for even more corrupt governments. Take away personal power and autonomy and you sail quickly to the end of humanity. Autonomy is more about keeping all the bastards honest no matter who the bastard is, where as, microchips are about keeping just the citizens honest, not the governments or those in power.

  9. I love you and your sarcasm yet seriousness. CIA been tracking me dince burth due to m rare blood type…O negative, so when people freak out about lack of privacy I just laugh….they already have my profile but I'm no threat to them lol, at least not to my knowledge. Our privacy is already quite non existent, and by choice if we are using platforms like Facebook and other social media…but if you're living morally and not posing a threat and in alignment with universal law you should have nothingto fear in this third dimensional realm in my opinion. I don't even fear death anymore…everything in this dimension is an illusion and nothing can harm us…only we can harm ourselves by not living in accordance to higher spiritual cosmic laws….keep on with your work. You have a follower in me for as long as you continue creating content! 🖖🏾💗 Lng Live XRP

  10. Yeah Scott its going to be OK for us (xrp holders), but what about the rest of the sheep? They will be fucked! They will be forever fighting the system…struggling to get by. We are moving to a two tier society the haves and have-nots, eventually ending up like farm animals George Orwell style.

  11. Love it👍 great rant…, so true, so many dumb people out there who have never witnessed what it’s like to not eat for a week, or not have l or shelter, and then have to gather firewood that’s 5 miles away in bare feet, soon there won’t be as many fat people , they won’t be chucking food away because it’s close to its sell by date

  12. We know spy agencies are capable of spying on us. They don’t have the right but do! That’s the problem bro, your love for globalization and that tree of life necklace are making sense… you’re way off on this one. Sucking NWO dick

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