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Ripple XRP R3 Announcement and Bearableguy123 Vindicated? What does this all mean?

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This video is about the current state of the Cryptocurrency market. I discuss how people who are crypto hodlers should not fear and hold strong and do not sell their crypto. A crypto bull run will come soon and we should hold strong! I believe the markets are manipulated and the launch of Bakkt has been delayed on purpose in order to keep the price low so that xrp and bitcoin whales can increase their XRP and Bitcoin stacks! Just a theory but XRP is definitely an investment that is a…

23 thoughts on “Ripple XRP R3 Announcement and Bearableguy123 Vindicated? What does this all mean?

  1. I totally agree with you with all ur ideas.The first thing I do when I wake up is to check my phone for the currency of the xrp.Its getting little depressing to check the news and the currency all day long.

  2. Sorry need to get my washing out of the line lol just one more thing if you bought hight yes you lost until it comeback at that level, in the 15 of october the price of xrp went from 46 cent australian to 1$ and more in a few hours when i was at work. It show the potential of xrp something is coming big but no one can predict so have faith.

  3. There is lost only if you sell at lost. It goes up and down as usual but reward for the one that can wait.
    Smile you in before a lots of people. I could not enter the internet or amazon now its our chance and amazon was almost dead they said but look now!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well now that I know Decoder was fake, there's a good chance that Ripple Riddler is fake too.😞

    Right now the real Bearableguy is the only one I can "entertain" … not believe. 😩

    On a side note, I hope Bluezelle announce their intergration today. They said they would this week. πŸ˜“ (There's a possibility it will be the integration of Ripple into Temenos T24)

  5. They've been waiting for Interoperability to be 100%, and the price is stagnant because any potential new retail investors are no where to be found, well have to pray Wallstreet brings us they're customers money otherwise the price is not going anywhere, institutions want dont care about the using their money to build buy/sell walls .

  6. You do realise there was BG123 & BG123 Decoder right? Define the 2 because they are different people and one was a fraud who just stated so, nothing wrong with the original but i guess you haven't been around that long. Anyway, like your work otherwise πŸ‘

  7. I think I have had a great idea! The XRP Community all send me a load (and I mean a LOAD!) of money….. I will then promise to post videos around how it feels when one of us has hit it big with the XRP bullrun!!! They will be educational videos on how to deal with a few million quid (or dollars) and will include some of the positives – and of course some of the many pitfalls. Then when i get bored with being rich, I will send the left over money to another XRP community member and they can experience it (I promise……………………..).

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