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Ripple XRP Soars

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Ripple Soars as Wider Crypto Markets See Flush of Green

Ripple Reveals Successful XRP Pilot Program With Banks Around the World

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20 thoughts on “Ripple XRP Soars

  1. I bought in at the worst time, around January of this year about $4 for XRP AUD and i've been holding ever since. its good to finally see my trading account start to recover, I thank you CKJ, Jungle, DAI for giving me the confidence in XRP to acquire more. I think you use to do vids from your car the first time I saw you CKJ. Hoping I can hold till 2020 so me and my 2 kids can come to Bora Bora lol

    I nearly forgot to thank Vincent Wilson

  2. Ariba not Abra-….. its SAP (SAP is being used by 90% of all companies in the world for all their transactions this is another trillion dollar market or more ) do your research good πŸ˜‰

  3. Everybody is pumped up. Yup!! We seen XRP go 3.80 in 4 weeks. Best believe it’s gonna happen again. Dont not be stupid, you better buy more XRP.

  4. Damn, I missed the livestream! I'm pumped up… I figured it out.. that's the most I've gained in a day. Ever. More than I ever sold in a day or made through any other means. Pretty cool stuff. So good to see it on the upswing. Maaaan.

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