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Ripple XRP: The Top 20 GLOBAL Banks Will Use XRP in 2019 SBI CEO

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XRP Community Conversation with Jerry

Ripple XRP: Community Conversation (Facebook Exclusive)

Ripple XRP: Community Conversation (Facebook Exclusive)Jungle Inc & Jerry Discuss real world use case and potential of XRP. New DX Exchange and how it is a game changer for all crypto. What things to focus on when investing in XRP and the true future potential.

Posted by Jungle Inc XRP on Sunday, January 6, 2019

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36 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: The Top 20 GLOBAL Banks Will Use XRP in 2019 SBI CEO

  1. The crypto market is being manipulated and being kept artificially low while waiting for regulators to act…..the bull ruun of all bull runs will happen soon….and xrp will lead the way

  2. Kitao also said that xrp would be at $10 by eoy 2018. I would take anything thing he says with a grain of salt. So far he is 0 for 1.
    Don’t let Kitao’s foolishness distract you from the fundamentals. And the fundamentals tell us that XRP is hands down the most valuable digital asset.

  3. Come March and the true launch of SBI VC if they are not #1 in the blink of an eye he loses credibility, come mid year and we don't see just 1 major bank using XRP he loses credibility come EOY 2019 and the top 20 banks are not using XRP he loses all credibility and XRP loses a sht tonne of holders as well.

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